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7 Not Stupid ?

7 Not Stupid Questions

Don’t You Hate It When People Ask Stupid Questions? I have watched more self-help videos than I care to think about and have attended a ridiculous number of seminars that have claimed to give me the breakthrough of my life and guess what… Lately I have been exploring the mega hot marketing gurus to see […]

Rebecca Drumming

Drumming in Hawaii

This last month we had a rocking Healing Drummer Advanced Shamanic Training Workshop in Hawaii. Part of the magic we created included a couple of good drum jams by the ocean. It’s amazing how inspiring it is to drum to the rhythm of the waves and watch the sun dip behind the beautiful mountains as […]


Feel the Healing Energy in “Sacred Chant” from Tribal Medicine Album

Those who have already listened to my new album Tribal Medicine can attest to its powerful inspiration through its tribal connections. So many reviews have been coming back to me, and one common remark is that listeners often feel as though they are taking part in an ancient indigenous healing ceremony! Tribal Medicine is a great escape for those […]

What Zombies Taught Me About Transformational Drumming Part III

People say the kindest things… I thought you might enjoy reading (or just scanning) a sampling of the warm words people send me. The comments are from private sessions, drumming workshops, performances, and from people listening to my music CDs. “I closed my eyes and took a few deep, full breaths as the drumming began. […]

World Unity – Wake Up

This blog is the operations central for the HEALINGDRUMMER WORLD PEACE PARTY that will take place December 20th. For the past three years I have ended every event with a few minutes of DRUMMING FOR PEACE. What I mean by peace is summed up in the statement below. I’m not asking anyone to change their […]

Consecrated Medicine Drums

Consecrated Medicine Drums This is a powerful new vision I have been given inspired by those who are taking their healing work to a new level! As Drummer’s, Shaman’s and Healers step into a greater level of power in their healing, the tools they use need to be in alignment with the level of power […]