Consecrated Medicine Drums

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Consecrated Medicine Drums

This is a powerful new vision I have been given inspired by those who are taking their healing work to a new level!

As Drummer’s, Shaman’s and Healers step into a greater level of power in their healing, the tools they use need to be in alignment with the level of power they are connecting with to do their work.  As I have watched people step into expanding their skills and adding sound to their healing practice it is my desire to provide them with the very best tools possible. With this in mind, I have begun to produce, on a very limited basis,  drums that are prepared in the same way I prepare my own personal tools. Drums consecrated as healing tools. Embellished with sacred objects, ritual and ceremony.

The Consecrated Medicine Drums begin with a consultation with the person desiring one. We talk about the elements that will create the energy that will support their work. We decide how many crystals and what kind, the configuration of the cowry shells, which help expand the healing energy and what other objects are needed. Then I construct the drum after opening sacred space. After the drum has been embellished, the healing 5 Element rhythms are played through the drum and the drum is placed on a powerful healing alter in the middle of a Lemurian Crystal Healing Grid for 48 hours before being carefully placed in the carrying case and shipped to its new caretaker.

These drums are constructed from hand made tribal drums from Ivory Coast West Africa. The finest drums on the planet, and require a minimum of 72 hours to construct and consecrate before they are shipped. When you are ready, shoot me an email at

The cost of these custom drums is $800 plus shipping

Here are some pictures of consecrated drums on the alter.

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    Beautiful and powerful~

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