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The GeniusLab With Toby Christensen

Get Clear In The GeniusLab

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Finding your way to a new future can be fun, exciting and the challenge often helps you find the strength and power you never knew you had. First of all, how can you find power without a test? Also, how can you learn without facing and solving a problem?

There’s Magic In The GeniusLab

Your Motivation expands when you MOVE into the Magic!

Increase Your Personal Power & MOVE Into The Magic

Feeling stuck? Unclear? You know you have it in you but haven’t quite found it yet? Time to MOVE into the magic, reclaim your power and live your dream!
  • Motivation: Clarity equals Power
  • Organization: Alignment equals Ease
  • Visualization: Focus creates your future
  • Execution: Make it happen
Toby Christensen's New Book Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power

Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power Workshop

I have worked with Toby Christensen 3 times on Kauai. His workshops are truly life-changing. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am in life without the lessons I have learned from Toby. Kauai is Paradise on Earth! If you can swing it, do yourself a big favor and schedule your event to Hawaii! ~Martin J Munroe PhD., Taos NM


“Toby’s performance was fantastic at TEDxCincinnati! Many of the attendees have commented and said that they had never seen anything like it before. The energy in the room was transformed by the sound of the Drum “Djembe”. Your talent and story were a highlight in an incredible night. Thank you for being a part!”

Jami Edelheit

“Toby has worked with our team at Capital Case Management for the past five years. His unique and innovative approach has inspired our staff, improved our efficiency and helped us work through challenges effectively. Toby has a solution-oriented approach that has motivated and energized us! We consider him an important asset to our business.”

Kathy Sampeck

“Toby’s M.O.V.E Coaching program is goal oriented and produced results that were phenomenal and quantifiable. Every single goal I set at the beginning of the program has been achieved! My business continues to grow exponentially. My experiences with Toby have been life changing on many levels.”

Martin J Munroe, Ph.D.