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About Toby

Working in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors for over 20 years, Toby has successfully created seminars designed to jump start higher levels of innovation and cooperation among employees and management alike.  Toby’s organizational insights, innovative methodologies and proven results have put him in high demand as both a facilitator and as a speaker.


Please peruse TobyChristensen.com to gain an overview of Toby's work. Then we invite you to use our web form to contact us or call (435) 655-1145.
Toby Christensen TED Talk


Toby blogs on a number of useful topics, including Optimizing Productivity, Team Building, Therapeutic Drumming And Music, Stress Reduction, Friends and Associates, Quantum Physics, Travel Adventures, and more. Check it out!


“Toby’s performance was fantastic at TEDxCincinnati! Many of the attendees have commented and said that they had never seen anything like it before. The energy in the room was transformed by the sound of the Drum “Djembe”. Your talent and story were a highlight in an incredible night. Thank you for being a part!”

Jami Edelheit

“Toby has worked with our team at Capital Case Management for the past five years. His unique and innovative approach has inspired our staff, improved our efficiency and helped us work through challenges effectively. Toby has a solution-oriented approach that has motivated and energized us! We consider him an important asset to our business.”

Kathy Sampeck

“Toby’s M.O.V.E Coaching program is goal oriented and produced results that were phenomenal and quantifiable. Every single goal I set at the beginning of the program has been achieved! My business continues to grow exponentially. My experiences with Toby have been life changing on many levels.”

Martin J Munroe, Ph.D.