7 Not Stupid Questions

Don’t You Hate It When People Ask Stupid Questions?

I have watched more self-help videos than I care to think about and have attended a ridiculous number of seminars that have claimed to give me the breakthrough of my life and guess what…

Lately I have been exploring the mega hot marketing gurus to see what they have to say and no matter who it is I hear the same thing from everyone! The small group of killer cool people I follow are:

  • Seth Godin
  • Bernadette Jiwa
  • Danielle Laporte
  • Marie Forlio
  • Kirk Vandenberghe
  • David Martin
  • Fabeku Fatunmise

These cats are innovative, cool and NOT boring!!

This video is a quick review of 7 important questions to consider. I will be publishing a video on each question soon so stay tuned!

In my MOVE one day intensive program we go DEEEP into these questions… check out the video, then call me if you need some help sorting through the ones that get your attention.

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