Feel the Healing Energy in “Sacred Chant” from Tribal Medicine Album

Those who have already listened to my new album Tribal Medicine can attest to its powerful inspiration through its tribal connections. So many reviews have been coming back to me, and one common remark is that listeners often feel as though they are taking part in an ancient indigenous healing ceremony! Tribal Medicine is a great escape for those who wish to close their eyes and experience the wisdom of African and Native American ancestors, as well as experience Eastern shamanic traditions through the powerful healing rhythms of the album’s songs!

DrummingFor instance, “Sacred Chant,” the third track on the album, is about the vision of a medicine person residing in solitude on the top of a mountain, calling to the healing spirits. It’s a truly beautiful song that was written with those in mind who are suffering and are in need of some sort of healing—be it from a serious or debilitating illness, the crushing and despondent force of depression, or any other mental or spiritual malady.

“Sacred Chant” is a healing song in which the medicine person calls to the spirits through sacred chant. These calls are requests for healing and comfort for those in pain, and to restore health and vitality to those in need of a transformation.

Listen here to a sample of “Sacred Chant”:

      1. Tribal Spirits

Tribal Medicine as a complete album offers healing rhythms that restore the hearts and souls of those who listen. I am quite proud of how this album turned out—the drumming is incredible and infuses the body with its intoxicating rhythms. While “Sacred Chant” is just one of five powerful tracks on the album, each song embodies a different healing energy. Through various rhythms, sounds, and intent, individual tracks offer listeners different sound energy sessions. As a whole,Tribal Medicine is a restorative treat!

Tribal Medicine features me, Healing Drummer Toby Christensen, on djembe drum and percussion, and the talented Rebecca Holt on vocal toning. Skilled artist Carolina Woodrich shared her stunning original artwork for the album!

To purchase a copy of this healing rhythms CD, please visit my shop. I invite you to engage your body, mind, and soul with the powerful rhythms of Tribal Medicine. Enjoy!

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