Ritual: Feed Your Chakras with Fire Energy

What I love best about fire rituals is how they allow us to connect more deeply with our ancestors, our life’s inspirations, and our dreams. The element of fire represents powerful transformative energy that drives change in our lives where we desire it most.

I’ve previously shared another fire ritual designed to help you bring your dreams into reality. This restorative fire ritual also “feeds” your dreams and desires, helping to bring them to materialization. It is a simple, but profoundly powerful practice.

Feeding Chakras with Fire Energy

Position yourself in front of a lit candle and focus intently on the flame. As you watch, express your ambitions, desires, and dreams. Let the fire feed the images in your mind as you hold your self, whole and complete, connected deeply to these dreams.

Reach forward with your hands cupped, fingers pointing towards each other. Reach over the fire flame and pull it to your body as though you are scooping the fire energy and bringing it to yourself. The process of bringing the fire energy into your system is about feeding your dreams and aspirations. This ritual involves three “scooping” processes that distribute this essential energy.

The first three “scoops” of fire energy you take will be fed to the second chakra, located just below the navel. Feeding this chakra helps support the action that needs to be taken in the ordinary world to support the dreams that you have in your heart and mind. The second three “scoops” of fire energy are for the heart. This feeding process symbolizes good intentions in creating a stream in your life. The last three “scoops” of energy go to your third eye or sixth chakra. The feeding of the third eye is about feeding the thoughts that help create your dream and materialize it in your life.

Schedule Regular Visualization

I would recommend that you do this ritual regularly. At least once a week! The more you feed your dream, the more easily it will be created in your life. As you visualize the dream materializing, view it as though it already exists on the energy of your success and supported by the actions that you take.

I hope this ritual is helpful for you and helps you to reconnect more powerfully with your dreams. I dare you to create in your life the dream that you desire to live!

As always, let me know how this restorative ritual works for you!

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