Perform this Water Ritual to Wash Away Obstacles

We perform rituals involving nature and its gifts to help rebalance our lives, shift energies, and experience an overall positive transformation.

I’ve talked before about different restorative rituals, such as a transformative ritual using fire, a ritual of reflection using nature, a communication-based mineral ritual, an earth-based ritual to create a feeling of home, and a renewal ritual with water.

This water ritual is one in which we ask for the power of water to remove the obstacles from our lives that are standing in the way of us fulfilling our most profound destiny.

Identifying Obstacles in Your Life

Take a walk in nature and find some items that represent the obstacles, or perceived obstacles, in your life. Make sure they are things from nature that will not litter or pollute the local stream or river. An example of one item you can gather is a broken stick, perhaps representing broken dreams, or broken desires, or even broken relationships.

As you pick up each of the items that represent an obstacle, allow the thought of that obstacle to flow into the item, transferring it from you to it. This way, you do not have to carry the obstacle any longer; you can give it to the item from nature.

Collect as many of these things as you care to until you feel that you have identified and relieved yourself from as many “not helpful things” that you can think of.

Replace Obstacles with Empowerment

Take the items to a stream or river—something that flows, as moving water is the remover of obstacles! As you sit by the waterside, talk to the water, and ask it to flow through your life, removing all obstacles that stand in the way of you coming into your most profound self.

When you’re done expressing your request, take the items you’ve collected nature and give them to the water. As you watch them flow with the current, imagine the power of water flowing through your life removing each of these things from you. Then spend some time refocusing your mind on this idea: “Since these obstacles are removed, what do I want to fill the space with that they occupied?”

As we release obstacles, we make room for empowered, proactive energies to take residence in our lives. These are the energies that propel us towards our most profound power and the highest level of being.

I encourage you to tell me about your experiences with this ritual! Feel free to contact me about your wonderful stories of flow and movement!

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