“Tribal Spirits” Calls to Ancestors on Tribal Medicine Album

Tribal Medicine is an album I am particularly proud of. This CD features healing rhythms that are intended to restore listeners’ hearts and souls as the sensations of the healing drum infuses the body.

One of the best features of the album is that each track on Tribal Medicine supports a particular energy and offers different rhythms and sounds that, collectively, make the album a powerful healing experience. The second track on the CD, entitled “Tribal Spirits,” focuses on the spirits responding to the call of the ancestors. It is the drum that activates the indigenous self that lives in each one of us and calls to us the spirit allies from the other world.

Toby Christensen

Toby Christensen

“Tribal Spirits” offers listeners a beautiful array of sounds that work together to engage their hearts and souls. The song starts with the Native American powwow drum. This is followed by a South American rattle, and then joined by the African djembe. This is the tribal way of the natives: spirits. The flute is a sacred instrument of the Native Americans and honors that tradition.

Further on in “Tribal Spirits,” these instruments are joined by the didgeridoo, which honors the aborigines of Australia. The chanting that is heard in the background is a combination of the East African and Native American chanting. It is through this sacred chanting that the spirits are called and, in some cases, literally talk through the person singing or talk through the drum or the didgeridoo. In this sense, what starts as a call actually ends up being a strong connection and a two-way conversation with the spirit world.

Listen here to a sample of “Tribal Spirits”:

      1. Tribal Spirits

Tribal Medicine offers inspiration through tribal connections. I’ve been told over and over again that while experiencing the album, a sensation of being present at an ancient indigenous ceremony often comes over listeners. It’s a powerful experience to feel the wisdom of African, Native American, and Eastern shamanic healing traditions through healing rhythms!

Tribal Medicine features me, Healing Drummer Toby Christensen, on djembe drum and percussion, and the talented Rebecca Holt on vocal toning. Skilled artist Carolina Woodrich shared her stunning original artwork for the album!

To purchase a copy of this healing rhythms CD, please visit my shop. I invite you to engage your body, mind, and soul with the powerful rhythms of Tribal Medicine. Enjoy!

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