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“Celebration Dance” a Fun Song to Show Your Thanks

The final track on my sound healing album, Tribal Medicine, is “Celebration Dance.” The album features different healing energies with each track, and this one is one of which I’ve been getting a lot of positive reviews. The intention behind Tribal Medicine was to offer listeners an opportunity to heal their hearts and souls through the rhythmic power […]

Tribal Medicine’s “The One” Offers Spiritual Guidance

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing with you inside looks at each track from my new CD Tribal Medicine. Tribal Medicine is one of my favorite albums to date. It offers listeners restorative healing rhythms to infuse their hearts and souls. Each track on the album features intoxicating drumming, various sounds, and specific intent that embodies […]


Feel the Healing Energy in “Sacred Chant” from Tribal Medicine Album

Those who have already listened to my new album Tribal Medicine can attest to its powerful inspiration through its tribal connections. So many reviews have been coming back to me, and one common remark is that listeners often feel as though they are taking part in an ancient indigenous healing ceremony! Tribal Medicine is a great escape for those […]

Vibrant Energy in The Healing Drummer’s Homecoming LP

I am pleased to present Homecoming, a celebration of dance and joy. Inspiration for my LP Homecoming came following a reunion with my dear friend and brother Malidoma Somé. We spent many years separated from one another, walking our separate paths. Our reconnection after all that time sparked great joy in my life, rekindling an energy that […]

Music For March- World Unity

This is my favorite song my World Unity CD. It is dedicated to the peace makers. So enjoy the sounds and think of ways you can bring more peace and harmony to the world! As a famous musician once said, Give Peace a chance! Click the play button below to listen to World Unity:

New Music For February

This is a piece from my World Unity CD. It’s a great one to listen to when you feel stuck or low energy. There is a song called Waltzing Matilda, referred to as “the unofficial national anthem of Australia”. In it is the line, “Once a jolly swagman sat beside the billabong, Under the shade of a […]