“Celebration Dance” a Fun Song to Show Your Thanks

The final track on my sound healing album, Tribal Medicine, is “Celebration Dance.” The album features different healing energies with each track, and this one is one of which I’ve been getting a lot of positive reviews. The intention behind Tribal Medicine was to offer listeners an opportunity to heal their hearts and souls through the rhythmic power of the drum, and this is definitely achieved with “Celebration Dance!”

Celebration Dance

Celebration Dance

“Celebration Dance” is an up-tempo, fun, shake-it-loose type of song. We all need to lose ourselves in music like this—not just every once in a while but often! “Celebration Dance” is a song I encourage you to play while giving thanks. Its rhythms complement nicely the gratitude we express when the ancestors and spirits respond to our requests and bring to us the things for which we’ve asked.

As you know, I am always encouraging people to be thankful! As we focus on being grateful for what we have, we invite more good things to come our way. “Celebration Dance” is a song of proclamation that our lives are full of good things.

Listen here to a sample of “Celebration Dance”

      1. Celebration Dance

Over the past few weeks I’ve talked about each track on Tribal Medicine. This CD features healing rhythms that are intended to restore listeners’ hearts and souls as the sensations of the healing drum infuses the body. Each of the five tracks engage different energies that create different healing experiences.

This is due to the album’s strong roots with tribal connections. Listening to Tribal Medicine is like partaking in an ancient indigenous ceremony where the wisdom of African, Native American, and Eastern shamanic healing traditions take over the listeners’ body and restore health and vitality through the beating of the drums!

Tribal Medicine features me, Healing Drummer Toby Christensen, on djembe drum and percussion, and the talented Rebecca Holt on vocal toning. Skilled artist Carolina Woodrich shared her stunning original artwork for the album!

To purchase a copy of this healing rhythms CD, please visit my shop. I invite you to engage your body, mind, and soul with the powerful rhythms of Tribal Medicine. Enjoy!

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