Tribal Medicine’s “The One” Offers Spiritual Guidance

Water Falling Over Volcanic RockOver the last few weeks I’ve been sharing with you inside looks at each track from my new CD Tribal MedicineTribal Medicine is one of my favorite albums to date. It offers listeners restorative healing rhythms to infuse their hearts and souls. Each track on the album features intoxicating drumming, various sounds, and specific intent that embodies different healing energies. By creating a varying, yet powerful, healing album like this, I’m proud to offer listeners a rejuvenating sound energy session.

I’ve talked about the energetic and spiritual rhythms of “Call of the Ancestors,” the indigenous conversation of “Tribal Spirits,” and the transforming healing energy of “Sacred Chant.” The next track I’d like to discuss is the he fourth from Tribal Medicine called “The One.” 

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about this song. This is a soundtrack for being in the presence of the one who heals us all and who can guide us to overcome any obstacle. “The One” is about being in the presence of the Creator and accepting our life circumstances for what they are, no matter what they are.

“The One” is also a form of spiritual guidance that encourages us to ask for the eradication of things from our lives that are not helpful. It’s a great song by which to meditate and ask for peace in the place where we are carrying turmoil, for health and wellbeing in the place where we carry illness, and for abundance in the place where we carry emptiness.

Listen here to a sample of “The One”

      1. The One

Tribal Medicine offers listeners powerful inspiration through its tribal connections—as so many responses from people have indicated. This album as a whole resembles closely an ancient indigenous healing ceremony. All listeners have to do to experience the wisdom and powerful healing of African and Native American ancestors and shamans is bring positive intent, an open heart and mind, and close their eyes for the great escape of Tribal Medicine!

Tribal Medicine features me, Healing Drummer Toby Christensen, on djembe drum and percussion, and the talented Rebecca Holt on vocal toning. Skilled artist Carolina Woodrich shared her stunning original artwork for the album!

To purchase a copy of this healing rhythms CD, please visit my shop. I invite you to engage your body, mind, and soul with the powerful rhythms of Tribal Medicine. Enjoy!

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