Vibrant Energy in The Healing Drummer’s Homecoming LP

I am pleased to present Homecoming, a celebration of dance and joy.

Inspiration for my LP Homecoming came following a reunion with my dear friend and brother Malidoma Somé. We spent many years separated from one another, walking our separate paths. Our reconnection after all that time sparked great joy in my life, rekindling an energy that remained dormant for years.

Toby Christensen's HomecomingMalidoma and I recently traveled to Africa together where we had spent time 15 years ago. It was an amazing trip, full of magic and inspiration. That journey re-established in me a feeling of my indigenous self.

Homecoming is a celebration of the joy Malidoma and I experienced through reconnection. Done in the style of ecstatic dance, the intoxicating rhythms and powerful beats are infused with multiple layers of tribal drums. The intense pace and vibrant energy of Homecoming is reminiscent of my experience drumming under the stars in the beautiful village in Burkina Faso.

I invite you to turn it up loud! Dance, drum, and enjoy!

I’d like to extend a very special thank-you to Tanis Wells for creating the beautiful original artwork for Homecoming. Beautiful job!

Listen here for a sample of Homecoming!

4. Homecoming     

This rhythmic and energetic LP is now available for sale. To purchase Homecoming, please visit my shop.

Supporting AVIELA, Inc.

I’m also excited to announce that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Homecoming LP are being donated to AVIELA, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded by Malidoma.

Here’s some information about AVIELA, Inc:

Meaning “It is all good and well intentioned,” in Dagara, AVIELA, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization created to offer us the opportunity to express our gratitude to the West African elders, diviners, healers, and shamans who have been generous with their time, knowledge, and dedication to the ancestors, and to those supporting Malidoma’s work, dedicating their time and energy, often without any compensation or acknowledgement. The work they do for us in the modern world often requires that they take time from doing the work to keep their families fed.

AVIELA provides a container for saying “thank you” in a monetary way. AVIELA allows us to become a greater part of the global village by making a direct contribution to those who contribute so much to the work of spirit. Our dollars become the “loaves and fishes” that feed those who keep alive the connection with the ancestors. All contributions, small and large, make a difference in Africa.

By purchasing this download you are making a contribution that will change the lives of the people of West Africa! Thank you!

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