Drumming in Hawaii

Linda Drumming

Linda drumming at the Oceanside Pavilion.

This last month we had a rocking Healing Drummer Advanced Shamanic Training Workshop in Hawaii. Part of the magic we created included a couple of good drum jams by the ocean. It’s amazing how inspiring it is to drum to the rhythm of the waves and watch the sun dip behind the beautiful mountains as the rhythm resonates through the hills.

One particular night when we were drumming Linda really stepped up to the plate with some amazing skill and veracious beats! As she ripped off a great solo the way a soul rider surfs a wave, Rebecca joined right in and added the voice of her new drum to the mix. That’s when things really took off. We also had a couple join us all the way from the United Kingdom. I was truly amazed, as one of them had never played the drum before, yet caught on to the rhythms almost immediately!

There was so much magic in the air that evening I don’t even know how long we drummed. I just remember that the faces of the people across from me, 10 feet away, began to disappear in the darkness. It was then that we decided it was time to go.

Making a House a Home

An amazing thing about drumming together is the sense of community that forms in the group. Three of the workshop attendees were living at the house with me for ten days. Now, I normally live alone and really appreciate my alone time . However, there was not one moment that I regretted having these people stay with me. Their kindness and willingness to help around the house made it so nice, comfortable, and easy for me. It was truly a blessing.

Toby, John and Danny

The Wild Kauai Guys!

In addition, there was a cohesion that occurred with the group that I don’t think would’ve happened if we hadn’t spent so much time together. The people that stayed at the hotel just a few blocks away spent a lot of time at the house as well. We had some amazing get togethers that were completely spontaneous! We would get done with class graphs and beach time, and then out of the blue people would show up at the house with food and drinks, and the group party would erupt!

Oftentimes my friends Danny Hashimoto and John Dumas would stop by to add additional inspiration to the get together. With John on his didgeridoo and flutes, me on the drums, and Danny cooking up a mean dessert, the energy that we created drumming at the ocean spilled right into the house. Everybody was dancing and eating the wonderful creations that Danny brought. And one by one, after consuming copious amounts of raw cacao, people would lay down and get drummed on while John played over them with his didgeridoo.

Thankful for Experience

Rebecca Drumming

Besides her awesome voice, Rebecca can really drum!

Good food, good music, and awesome healing experiences were abundant! Many times what started out to be a simple drumming evening went long into the night and expanded to be an experience of magic and transformation!

It is with profound gratitude I acknowledge the magic of these people. Not just the ones I discussed in this posting, but all of the people who were present. Thank you all for the goodness that you bring to the world on a daily basis and for the happiness and joy you have brought to my life !

Mahalo! (“Thank you” in Hawaiian)

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