What Zombies Taught Me About Transformational Drumming Part II

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So now you know how things got started I would like to answer a few commonly asked questions. If you can think of anything you would like to know that I don’t cover here feel free to make a comment and ask. I’ll be happy to get back to you.

“Are Healing Drummer Private Sessions only for healing physical problems?”

The simple answer is no. The session work can help to shift the energy in every way, and in every aspect of your life. The results of what can occur for you are profound. I look at any difficulty—any “configurations of energy” that are not in alignment with your intentions—as something that is not helpful. What I do is use the sound energy from the drum to disrupt the aspects of your energy system that are not in alignment with your intentions.

In the beginning of your session, we align around your intentions. I then access these intentions to help guide the rhythms to realign your energies—body, mind, and spirit—so that effortlessly and delightfully the things that no longer serve you fall away. What you desire to create can come to you easily.

“I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction and wonder if working with you can help me manifest my intentions.”

Yes, absolutely. You have intentions. You have dreams and ideas. You have goals that you want to accomplish. If you’re not yet manifesting the life you want, your current energy field is not in alignment with what you are wanting to create.

I can help to empower you to set intentions to redirect your energy. One of the beautiful things about this drumming work is that by using the sound vibrations we can direct the energy toward your specific intentions. The rhythms will support you in clearly holding those intentions. The sound energy from the drum will reconfigure the energy in your field so that it comes into alignment with what you intend. Working in this way causes the energy of your intention to draw to you the power to create what you envision. It’s an effective process that I love to co-create with my clients.

“How long are the Healing Drummer Private Sessions and what happens during a

Drumming Up Intention!

Drumming Up Intention!


Sessions are one hour long and cost $150. We’ll spend the first ten minutes or so talking, looking at what you would like to see happen in your session. I often will ask, “After our session, when you walk out the door, what is it that you brought in today that you would like to release? And second, what is that you would like leave with that wasn’t here when you arrived?” I encourage my clients to focus on the healed or transformed condition that they would like to be in when their session is complete. I find that since energy attracts like energy, if you focus on what you don’t want you just get more of the same.

I often ask people, “What is it that you would like?” and they answer, “I don’t want to be sick anymore.” That’s a good thing to know, but it’s a counter-productive intention, since energy flows where intention goes. So, what I encourage people to focus on is what they do want. Once my clients begin to understand the power of focusing on their positive intentions, they start to express intentions like these:

• Iwantperfecthealth. • Iwantvitalenergy. • Iwantabundantfinances. • IwantajobwhereI’llbehappier.

And many, many more.

We always work to create a proactive statement so that the energy we are attracting is the energy of the solution—the positive creation—you would like to see come into form.

From there, I invite you to lie down on your back on beautiful mat that is very comfortable. Your eyes can either be open or closed, and many choose to close their eyes and allow their attention to focus inward.


Healing Drummer Private Sessions

I start with either a hoop drum or a rattle, initially walking around in a counterclockwise direction. This begins to activate the energy field of your body with the sound energy of the device I use. Most of the time, I feel led to use a Native American hoop drum, which is a round, wooden drum with skin on one side. As I walk counterclockwise, we start to unwind the energy that has kept you bound, deconstructing any problematic patterns and activating your energy field, which is now holding the positive intention for transformation.

Next, using support straps, I put on my djembe, which is an African drum often called “the healing drum.” My feet are on the outside of either side of your hips and I face the direction of your feet. This position allows the bell or exit place of the drum’s sound energy to flow directly toward your heart area. My teachers in the West African Dagara tribe say that we begin the healing and transformation process by first activating intentions that we set at the beginning of heartfelt desires, so we honor your heart.

Before I begin drumming, I show you how to tap my leg.It is our safety signal. That way, you can always easily get my attention if needed for any reason. It’s rare that anyone needs to do this, since people usually experience the power of the drum as very pleasant, but it’s helpful for people to know they’re safe and can communicate with me whenever they need. Knowing you’re safe will help you to completely open to the drum’s healing energies.

I stand over you and begin to drum. This is where the drum energy begins to build and starts transforming your energy field. I drum anywhere from thirty to forty minutes, straight and continuous. It’s a very intense healing and transformation energy.

After the drumming is complete, I set the djembe aside and pick up the hoop drum or rattle. Again, I most often use the hoop drum. This time, I circle you clockwise, which brings the healing energy into present time. This important part of the sacred ritual seals your body in the energy of sound so that the transformed energy stays with you.

You’ll find that through your dreams, thoughts, meditations, and contemplative times that the effects of the session will continue to unfold—stimulating energetic transformation for at least three to five days after the actual drumming session. We begin a process and you will continue to carry. That’s one of the beautiful things about the healing drum’s sound energy activations.

We then talk about what occurred. You have the choice to share any thoughts and feelings that arose. If you like, you can keep some or all of what you experienced to yourself—it’s totally up to you. I will then share what happened for me. Oftentimes when I’m drumming I will receive what I jokingly call “home work,” things you can do outside the session that will enhance the processes we’ve begun. Sometimes I encourage specific actions you can take that will help give you a clear path, a solution, toward the intentions you’ve set.

You’ll also be more than welcome to ask me any questions that may have arisen during your

Drumming In Hawaii

Drumming In Hawaii

session. I’ve found that sometimes the drumming stimulates deep questions that you may have never considered or haven’t thought of in a long time, so you’re welcome to ask whatever your heart desires.

Finally, I make sure that you’re feeling good and ready finish the session. Then we complete our time together.

All of the feedback I’ve received over the years has been very positive. While powerful, the entire process is gentle and completely safe. One of the things I love about this work is that your being interacts with the sound of the drum, so there’s no laying on of hands or physical contact. The rhythms work with your energy system—body, mind, and emotions—in alignment with your intentions.

“When you conduct a Healing Drummer Private Session, where do you place your attention?”

While we won’t usually communicate verbally during a session, our beings work together. I have an intention for you, which is to have the intention you expressed be manifested. So, in addition to drumming, I place some of my attention on your intention. Using my shamanic training in the African and Native American traditions, I tap into the resources of ancient wisdom and ask to receive whatever is necessary to facilitate your healing and transformation. I ask for the wisdom to come through, and it always does. For me, the experience is a shamanic journey, one that honors and enlivens your intentions to heal and transform.

As you listen to the drum and sense the energies in whatever ways are most comfortable for you, you can also allow some of your awareness to focus on your desired results. Truly, since you’ve set your intentions, whatever you do will work. Some people stay very focused, while others allow their mind to drift and flow.

5 Element Drumming Rhythms

5 Element Drumming Rhythms

“What rhythms do you play on the drum?”

I start with the 5 element rhythms that I’ve studied and played for many years. They provide the foundation for balancing the physical, emotional, and energetic systems. Then I begin to work from those rhythms. There are patterns I call “sub-rhythms” that are specifically dedicated to your own energy field. This is where the drum—combined with your and my awareness—becomes a collective unit seeking to bring in the energies that will help bring in the solutions to your specific situations. The rhythms that come are unique to your session, unique to your own energy field, ones that help shift your energy so that smoothly and joyfully what no longer serves you falls away, and what you desire comes to you.

“I know drums can be loud. Does the noise ever stress people out?”

Drums can be loud and occasionally some people feel a little bit of apprehension. I do have earplugs available; however, what I’ve found in nearly every session I’ve conducted over the years is that people that are pleasantly surprised that, even with the volume and intensity of the drumming, they become calm and peaceful. The physical sound waves impact your body, which is like a massage with sound that creates a very relaxed state. Then you have the rhythm, which has a profound effect on relaxing your mind and emotions.

“Do I need to have a problem and/or questions formed in my mind before I show up for a session.”

Not necessarily. A favorite story is when a medical doctor from the east coast came to see me. At the start of our session, he said, “You know, I don’t really have any problems in my life. As a matter of fact, I think I have an absolutely perfect life. What I want to do is lock that in, have more of the same, and continue to enjoy the path that I’m on.” I considered that a beautiful intention and we got right to work, creating a powerful session.

Yes, I conduct healing sessions…and…the essence of healing is transformation. Often, the focus of a session isn’t on overcoming an illness. Drumming that reinforces positive intentions to continue improving, expanding, and learning to flow with life’s mysterious unfolding is a wonderful reason to schedule a time to work together.

I’m also reminded of a woman who came to me for a series of treatments for a physical malady she was experiencing. As the rhythms of the drum and our shared intentions shifted her energy field, the problem was no longer part of her life. At that point I said, “This is great. It doesn’t look like you need to come back anymore.” Then she replied, “You know what? I want to know how good I can feel. I want to know how much better I can get. I’d like to keep coming in for regular sessions.”

So, scheduling Healing Drummer Private Sessions is a useful way to support yourself—to support your life and wellbeing—and help a good life become even better. It’s really helpful to strengthen your energy field, making you stronger and more powerful.

“Is there anything I need to do before a session to help prepare?”

The Rhythms Flow!

The Rhythms Flow!

Sure. Getting clear about your intentions—what you’d like to receive in your session—can be helpful. The more aware you are of what you want, the more we can focus on achieving those outcomes. Still, I have people who arrive for their session without a specific intention, and that’s fine, too. They might present a general goal, like discovering their life purpose and overall direction in life, and we can definitely work with that aspiration.

If you’d like to invest some time before your session, simply look at the situations in your life—the general energy of your life. Ask yourself, “If I could improve things, what would I want to have happen?” Then notice what arises in your awareness, from specific outcomes to a general sense of what you’re wanting. Those are beautiful kinds of intentions to bring to your session.

“Is it a good idea to schedule more than one session?”

Oftentimes, we see a profound shift in the first session. If a person wants to do only one session, they will receive value. When asked, I recommend at least three to four sessions. I dedicate about 80% of my time to traveling, and it’s common for me to come to an area once every few months.

What I find is that the first session will begin to transform your energy field and wake up aspects of your being that you may not been aware existed. Shifts begin to occur. You enter your second session more aware of the process and what can happen. It’s common that the results created in the second session are much more powerful than the first, simply because you can let go and relax into the process more deeply. This way, we build on the transformations catalyzed in the first session.

Bringing in The Transformation

Bringing in The Transformation

One thing that is really useful to remember is that we are always in a state of transformation. We’re always encountering energies that support us and those that attempt to thwart aspects of our lives. There are people and energies that are very loving and there are those who would like to see us falter and fail. Part of the power in Healing Drummer Private Sessions is that you get to take in a phenomenal amount of energy that radiates into your field and supports all aspects of your being, helping you to create the life you desire.

To learn more about me and the Healing Drum, and to see a video of a private session, go to www.healingdrummer.com

To experience one of these transforming sessions contact me at toby@healingdrummer.com and we will schedule a time for you.

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