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Consecrated Medicine Drums

Consecrated Medicine Drums This is a powerful new vision I have been given inspired by those who are taking their healing work to a new level! As Drummer’s, Shaman’s and Healers step into a greater level of power in their healing, the tools they use need to be in alignment with the level of power […]

Amazing Reunion – Joel Bisset

I have been engaging in the appreciation of those who have positively influenced my life. Of these people there is no one more noble, kind, and compassionate than Joel Bisset. I don’t ever remember not knowing Joel. I have no idea how or where we met. I just remember that he is in every memory of my younger days. Joel and […]

Mind Bender – Check This Out!

OK, so as I have been working on expanding and creating my new world for this coming bit of time, I have been pondering the energy of creation, destiny  vs free will. I have been pondering should’s, and supposed- to’s. I found this and I am not sure if it helped or made things more confusing? […]

HealingDrummer in Arlington VA

I had a great time in Virginia this trip and thanks to my great friend and host Kathy Sampeck I was able to visit one of my favorite metaphysical bookstores in the country, Sacred Circle Book Store. the owners have been so supportive and they always bring in a great crowd. This trip I facilitated an Elemental […]

Drumming For Stress Relief

New Workshop!! Drumming for Stress Relief Stress is one of the biggest health issues facing our society and our modern workplaces. Group drumming offers a very powerful tool for combating the effects of cumulative stress. Research has shown that group drumming can lower levels of stress hormones in the blood like cortisol. Playing music ‘in […]