Missing Carol

Yesterday I received a call that my friend Carol passed away. She called me a couple months ago and said she wanted a drum. “My cancer is back and I think I am going to die, I want to learn to drum before I go.” I sent her my HealingDrum I have used for the past two years. A week or so ago she emailed me and said she had been playing her drum. She said her dog really liked her drumming. I have a plan to go to Phoenix in a week I had two extra days to drum with Carol. I will drum for her in the other world and miss her very much. Today I received the email below.

Wednesday 24th March, 2010 was a very sad day for all of us. Carol decided that it was time to leave us all and passed on at about 11:45 AM. Carol left us, the way she lived her life – with such grace and style. Carol spent that morning with her loving friends Heather Jachowski and John Villinski at her side. A hospice nurse had just arrived at Carol’s home and within a very short time Carol died the way she really wanted to, at home in her bed. She put up a huge fight against oral cancer enduring the maximum doses of chemotherapy and radiation, and she soldiered on with incredible wit and style.

As little as 6 days ago, Carol was driving and choosing a new faucet for her kitchen, in addition to the granite counter tops that I helped her pick out just a week before. Her body became very frail during the last few days, but even so, the quickened pace of her fragility and her ultimate death was a shock to all of us caring for her. Carol died surrounded by loving friends. Thank you to all who supported her in this battle and thanks to those who did come here to visit Carol in Tucson.

My condolences to all of her family and friends at this difficult time.

With warm regards,

John Faux

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