Cold In Calgary

I was recently in Calgary Canada teaching at the World Unity Shamanic Training Institute. I had a bunch of fun with the gang and started a second round of teachings for a new group. We did a fire ceremony in the snow and offered to the Ancestors the dreams we desire to live in the coming year!!  Here I am bundled up with my “took” on (that is Canadian for stocking cap) I have been practicing my Canadian by watching Doug & Bob McKinsey videos on youtube. So far they do not seem to appreciate my efforts.

After we froze half to death, I got the gang to pose by the fire as we warmed up. This is a great bunch and I am grateful to be able to contribute to their lives. The thing that they have taught me most is when you have the courage to follow your passion, the opportunities come to nurture and support that choice and others with that same resolve find you and join you on your journey!!

Corrina Rasmussen – Founder/Dean/Shamanic Practitioner
(403) 617-9956
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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