Healing Drummer in Denver

One of my goals for 2010 is to open 3 new major territories. A couple of months ago I made my first steps towards doing that with my first workshop in Denver Colorado. With the help of Dr. Peter Bonaker, Valerie Zampino, and Carolina Woodrich I had a very successful trip and am thrilled with the response from the Denver community. We started off with an evening of drumming sponsored by Dr. Peter at his newly refurbished and amazingly beautiful Institute For Spiritual Advancement /www.ifsadenver.com.

We had a great crowd, filling the building to capacity. After a night of drumming I spent as few days doing HealingDrummer private sessions and then a multifaceted shamanic workshop investigating the Dagara cosmology and how our elemental construct effects our daily lives, the shamanic journey and of course lots of drumming.

Here is a photo of yours truly as we discuss  the benefits of being a FIRE person in the Dagara construct! Not everyone agreed with me that it is beneficial to travel 300 days a year, drink gallons of coffee a day and eat junk food. But we had a fun discussion.

We later moved into the Shamanic Journey portion of the day as I dawned the hoop drum. The shamanic Journey is one of if not the most powerful tool on ecan have to connect to great wisdom, direction and personal power. I have begun teaching it almost everywhere I go with profound results.

Last but not least a group photo of the gang who were brave enough to wander into the “other world” and claim their power. We did power animal retrievals this day so you may see some creatures lurking in the background. In addition to the non-ordinary beings we also had Smokey the cat and Sophie the shaman dog holding space in ordinary reality.

I am planning to visit Denver again soon so stay tuned!!

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