I Never Thought The Day Would Come!! IT DID!!

Have you ever wanted something so badly you dare not even think about it for fear the imposibility of it happening would be so devastating you don’t even want to imagine it? Have you ever lost some one so important to you that to think of their re-entry into your life seems like opening your self to the biggest potential disappointment you could ever experience? I know this is a mouthful and a bit complicated but it is what I have been experiencing for the last nine years when My beloved friend and I went our separate ways.

For nine years I thought of him and the amazing way he had inspired me. In front of thousands of people I have declared the single most powerful influence that has brought me to the place I am now is Malidoma Some’.  I’m not sure what happened but over the years my students were his students and so on and so forth. Our paths came close to crossing, but never intersected until last January when we intersected and reunited for a very short period of time. Well Last week I got to spend three full days with my African Brother and we caught up and laughed, and cried, and celebrated in grand fashion. I met his wonderful wife who is as charming as she is beautiful. We spent the weekend at an Ifa celebration steeped in Nigerian culture. We danced together,and at the end of the celebration as the drummers drummed and the dancers danced we looked at each other and as if time had not occurred, and it was yesterday when we were last together, we grabbed a couple of djembes and began to drum together.

You see about 19 years ago I met Malidoma and reluctantly  attended a mens retreat that he was facilitating. It was at that retreat were I reconnected to my soul. I reconnected to my music. And I connected to the djembe drum, and my life has been forever transformed and brightened.

I cannot express the gratitude I have for the ancestors bringing us back together. I cannot express the gratitude for the tenacity of my heart to stay open to the possibility of this reunion. I have learned a valuable lesson. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!! You have no idea what your crew on the “other side” are up to. Here we are drumming together! Malidoma’s wife in the foreground.  I never truly believed this could happen, but it did. And even more amazing, we will be facilitating a workshop together at the end of April in the Dc area! Stay tuned for more!!

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