Hanging in Hawaii

I’ve been here for weeks now. It’s probably time that I do some writing. So I want to share with you the fun and magnificence of the island of  Kauai! This is by far the most magical place I have experienced on the planet. Yesterday as I laid on the beach and watch the dolphins play in the surf I was overcome with a sense of gratitude and wonder.  The way the earth welcomes all of us, the way the other beings that share the planet with us welcome us. It is amazing. The interesting thing so far has been the weather. There has been a tremendous amount of rain. In the past this of course would be a disappointment since all I lived for was laying in the sun and playing in the ocean. But this rain has made the island so lush and so alive! The other aspect is that the rain is primarily in the morning and the afternoons have been beautiful and sunny. So the term paradise really fits.  I have been drumming and doing some private sessions, and working on some new music that will be released this fall. I am trusting that the magic of this island will be felt in the magic of the music. The longer I stay more connected I feel to the indigenous spirit of this great island. As I have talked to some of the locals and some historians in the area the power of this place and the blending of cultures leaves me spellbound.

Tonight I will be jamming with my friend Francesco. We are preparing for a performance of one of the local clubs which should be a blast! The mix of old and new, the healing drum with modern music, the voice of the heart and the rhythm of the drum, combined to bring a gift to all that listen. A powerful time on the island full of fun! I will update regularly and I’m looking forward to those who are coming to visit. By the way, there is still room in the September workshop for those who would like to attend!!!



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