Content Reframe!

OK so I am on my way to the airport this morning. It’s snowing so I left a half hour early in case the roads were bad. I drive a little sports car that sucks in the snow. Well I leave home the roads are good so I’m zipping along about 80 thinking about the double espresso I will be enjoying shortly.

Coming over Parley’s Canyon I begin my decent into the valley. Suddenly nothing but red taillights in all lanes the freeway is a parking lot and my great morning suddenly has a diminishing silver lining. I inch forward for a while and realize the chances of an espresso are slim and a short time later the chance of making my flight begins to dwindle. Suddenly my phone rings and it’s my friend Marilyn. “Hey you just passed me! I recognize that little red car and said, that must be Toby!” She informed me that there was an accident about a mile up the road and they were diverting traffic off the freeway.

I quickly realized that I was not going to make my flight. I was really bummed out. I had sessions scheduled and as always I LOVE to drum so while I was complaining to myself I reached the detour, which took us past the sight of the accident.

As I moved slowly past the mangled steel and glass scattering the freeway I became very grateful. To be late is one thing, to never get there is an entirely different thing. I said a prayer for those involved in the accident and their families. As I re-entered the freeway and continued to the airport I called my host and she graciously shifted my appointments and I continued in a state of gratitude.

I got to the airport, got on the next flight, got a first class upgrade, had a great breakfast, double espresso, talked to some friends on the phone and got my emails done. I am now flying to my destination. Healthy, happy and only a few hours late!

Sometimes I get a little ruffled by things that just need a perspective adjustment to change their importance. Today was a good lesson.

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  1. Kirk VandenBerghe May 18, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

    And a powerful content reframe it is. Great story, and reminder, Toby.

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