Jen Was SHOCKED When She Stepped On the Scale

Success Story December is a month filled with success stories! Shift-It! is helping many people! I received this great story from a client we will call Jen. It made me smile! About two months ago…


Conscious Connection to Sound, Rhythm And Music

Conscious Connection Stop right where you are and listen. What sounds do you hear? Are you making a Conscious Connection to traffic, sounds of nature, a fan from the HVAC system, breathing, the wind. There are…


Ready To Change Your Life For The Better? SHIFT IT!

Shift It!

Since the first of the year I have had an explosion of orders for Shift It!. These customized soundtracks are remarkable and those who have already experienced what a transformation it makes have nothing but praise…


Get Your Groove On!

Do you ever have one of those days when getting motivated seems more difficult than flying over the moon? Ever wonder what happened to your energy? It is very common in our drama-filled world to…


Build Your Business!

Build Your Business! Have you ever noticed some people just seem to have a magnetic attraction? Do you have your own business? One that you work your butt off for, day in and day out,…


Healing The Layers of Imprints: The Power of Sound

The Power of Sound We are multilevel energy beings. We have influences from our immediate life experience, past lives, ancestral imprints. Also DNA intrusions, hooks, chords, contracts, curses, implants, imprints, entities, obstacles, and karma. Our…


Shift Your Energy With “Shift It!”

Music is an effective energy booster!

Ever have one of those days when you just cannot seem to get things rolling? Ever get stuck? Do you feel at times that there is just simply not enough energy within your being to…


Manifesting Your Dreams Through The Power Of Shift It!

Find the vibrational harmony for harnessing your own manifestation powers with an energetic and rhythmic Shift It! soundtrack.

Just for fun, I went to Google and entered “manifest your dreams.” I got 3,540,000 references to that phrase. It is clear that people need help manifesting their dreams. Do you? Manifesting Your Dreams There…