Manifesting Your Dreams Through The Power Of Shift It!

Just for fun, I went to Google and entered “manifest your dreams.” I got 3,540,000 references to that phrase. It is clear that people need help manifesting their dreams. Do you?

Manifesting Your Dreams

There are many experts on the subject, most of which are manifesting their financial dreams because people like us keep buying their stuff and none of it ever works! I mean really, how many Anthony Robbins’ CDs do you have? Have you awoken the giant within? How many of you have spent countless hours doing affirmations? And how many of you metaphysicians out there have purchased Wayne Dyer’s CD for manifestation?

I remember being in a metaphysical bookstore in Portland, Oregon, called New Renaissance Bookshop. A man came up to the counter and said, “I need a manifesting bracelet.” It seemed interesting to me on two different fronts: one, he was looking outside of himself to an object made of copper to change his life, and second, the woman behind the counter did not hesitate to scoot right over to a rack filled with copper bracelets with the word manifestation on them and sold it to him for $150!

Vibrational Harmony

Of all the manifesting experts in the world, two of the greatest are Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have listened to many of their programs and found some very good information. In browsing through my Google search, I found this quote:

IMAGINE it in the now. Imagine how it FEELS to have what you desire RIGHT NOW! Abraham through Jerry and Esther Hicks says, “Your point of attraction is now.” Therefore, whatever you are feeling and focused upon right now is what you are in vibrational harmony with and are attracting into your life.

I agree with what they say. However, the challenge is to stay in that vibrational harmony. Sometimes we need some help! It seems that just when we get in the mood to manifest—we are feeling good, feeling powerful—we get a call from someone that sends us right back into the drama and craziness of life. Or, you get your manifesting CD, you listen to it, and for the first three or four days you do your OM in the morning, and your AHH at night, and then a week later you realize you have not done it for the past five days! That’s okay . . . sometimes life gets busy and we forget. Sometimes creating a pattern means disrupting existing patterns or habits that have a very strong grip on us. This is why I have created Shift It!

You Are The Creator of Manifestation

Toby Drumming with a Smile

Find the vibrational harmony for harnessing your own manifestation powers with an energetic and rhythmic Shift It! soundtrack.

The cool thing about the Shift It! soundtracks is that you can download them to a CD and keep it in your alarm clock. Waking up to your Shift It! as your alarm is a great way to start the day. You can download it onto your iPod, your iPhone, and even copy the soundtrack to a CD for your car so that no matter where you are, it is available to assist you.

Remember, you are the creator of your manifestation!

You will never find the power to manifest outside yourself. A piece of copper or a giant bracelet of gold will not do the trick. The power is within you.

The key is figuring out how to unlock the power that we each possess to manifest our dreams.

How do we unwind the patterns that have held us back and prevented us from achieving what we determine as success? How do we harness our own powers?

Shift It! Sample Track

Listen to this Shift It! It is not the source of your manifestation. It is, however, a tool that can help you unwind the energetic patterns that are blocking you and open up the pathways for you to find within yourself the great manifestation that you are! Listen to it everywhere you go! Every day! And let me know how it works for you.

If you would like a copy sent to your email so that you can download it, let me know!

Listen here to Shift It! to Manifestation

      1. Shift It! to Manifestation

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