Strong and Grounded: The Healing Power of Therapeutic Drumming

Strong and Grounded

Are you strong and grounded? Are you ready for a change in your life?

Are you afraid that change might disrupt or destabilize your life?

Have you experienced therapeutic music that “sent you out to another place,” but you do not know where that is?

Have you had an ecstatic experience with music only to find the emotional bliss faded quickly?

The Human Experience

I have been to hundreds of “sound healing” events. I have had some amazing “otherworldly” experiences. I have heard people talk in other languages—or at least make a sound—that seem that they are connected to a force other than themselves that is “bringing in the healing energy.” I do not doubt the sincerity of many of these people. However, when I asked them, “Who or what were you channeling during that event?” I usually get very generic answers, like, “I was channeling the angels.” When I asked which angels, they had no real response.

When I  went through my initiation and took the pledge of the shaman, I made a promise to educate people and eradicate spiritual ignorance. One of the most important things about changing aspects of our lives is that we live in this three-dimensional world. We are part of our human experience. This is something to be honored! I tease some of my “ascension” friends that they must keep being reborn as humans because they never stay here. They are always trying to journey off into a so-called “ascended state,” when in fact, the greatest thing we can do since we are here is to enjoy and appreciate our human experience to the greatest degree possible.

Be Here Now

One of my  favorite teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, is constantly quoting his teacher with the statement “Be here now.” I love that. Be here now.

There is nothing wrong with the shamanic journey, astral projection, and many of the other aspects of spiritual experience—when it is done in the context of expanding our consciousness.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time I talk with people who just simply wander aimlessly to places where they do not know where they are, and they cannot understand why they are unable to get their footing here in their ordinary life.

I do not believe that you have to choose one path or the other; why not have both? Why not enjoy our human experience to the fullest while we also dive deeply into a state of spirit?

Creating Your Journey

One of the greatest shamanic technicians I have met is a man by the name of Michael Harner. He is a Ph.D. anthropologist—a very well educated man. He has lived with many tribes around the world and has entered deeply into the spirit world with his shamanic practice. The thing I love about Michael, and the thing that I learned from him, is that when you delve into the spirit world, you do not necessarily disconnect your human intelligence. After all, we are spirits in these human containers for a reason.

There is nothing wrong with setting an intention for where you want to go and who you want to connect within the unseen world. As a matter of fact, I think it is the most potent type of journey you can do. It helps you become a co-creator with that “other world,” allowing you to co-mingle with the spirit allies in the same way that you might with your dear friends at a gathering.

Bringing Power to Your Journey

Indigenous Drum

The beat of the drum helps empower you and bring freedom to your journey.

This is why I love therapeutic drumming and therapeutic music that has a strong grounded beat. We can stay anchored here where we live and still journey out into the realms of spirit. The track that I offer you here is a track that is grounded, solid, and supportive. As you listen to this track, allow yourself to go into a deep state of meditation or shamanic journey. Notice how the bass guitar and the bass drum keep you anchored and present here, while the other frequencies of music allow you the freedom to expand.

Listen to this track with intention. Think of something you would like to create in your life, or information you would like to receive, and open yourself to it as you listen. Think of your favorite place in the world . . . perhaps it is a beach that you have visited, a forest, a childhood memory of a place that brought you great joy. Imagine yourself in this place surrounded by a force field of energy that keeps you safe from any adversarial energy, a place that is supportive and nurturing. Then ask a question or imagine a shift taking place in your life that will bring you great joy. Listen to the music and imagine it resonating through this place, empowering you and filling you with peace. When the music is finished, simply feel yourself come fully and completely into your body, connecting to the room that you are in here and now, bringing back the power that you experienced in your grounded journey!


Listen here to Shift It! On Solid Ground

      1. Shift It! On Solid Ground

What do you think? Do you have stories of empowerment you’d like to share?

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