Get Your Groove On!

Do you ever have one of those days when getting motivated seems more difficult than flying over the moon?

Ever wonder what happened to your energy?

It is very common in our drama-filled world to get our energy sucked out of us by the activity that surrounds us. It seems like more people concentrate on trauma and drama than healing and wellbeing.

What You Focus On, You Feed

I always find it interesting when people come in for sessions — whether it’s sound healing, cowrie shell readings, or coaching sessions — it seems like the entire session could be taken up with my clients talking about all the tragedies in their life!  That seems to be the very things that are at the forefront of their minds.

I have a saying, “What you focus on, you feed.” I am not saying that this is a sign of weakness or in some way diminishes the power in these people, but we are trained in our culture to focus on what is wrong long before we feed the energy of what is good and helpful. Read a newspaper, magazine, watch the news on TV, or, for that matter, watch almost any TV show on a regular network. What do you see? Trauma, drama, and craziness! It is no wonder that this is at the forefront of most people’s minds.

Empower Your Genius Self

The key in all the work I do is to help people break free from the energy-sucking patterns that are enforced and encouraged in our society, and to find the positive, helpful, and empowering aspects of their life that propels them towards their greatness.

You see, I believe that we are all born a genius. We all bring a unique aspect to the world — unique gifts, unique ways of expression, and unique presence that without, the world will not be the same. This means that everything we do is very important: everything we do and say affects everything around us. So, when we have these difficult times, it is important to know how to get your groove on!

Shift-It! Sample to Inspire Your Energy

My Shift It! program has been profoundly successful in helping people shift the energy of their lives. Even those who have had long-term, chronic situations in their life have found freedom through this program. For more information about this offering, click here: Shift It!

Djembe DrumsThis is a sample of what a soundtrack might sound like. This particular piece was designed to inspire, build energy, and create confidence. While many of the  Shift It! samples are designed to address a particular issue, the full soundtrack addresses multiple areas in your life as we work together on a monumental life-transforming shift!

Listen here to Shift It! Get Your Groove On!

      1. Shift It! Get Your Groove On!

This track is great for building confidence, inspiration, and getting your groove back! It’s perfect to listen to when you start your day, or even during the day if you have a little drop in energy. It works better than a double espresso!

I hope you enjoy it and I hope it serves you well. Contact me to get started on your own personal Shift It! soundtrack!

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