Grounded Expansion

Grounded Expansion

Grounded expansion is important in this fast-paced world, I hear a lot of people talking about needing to get grounded. At the same time, there is such a need to expand out in the world it almost seems like a paradoxical position. It’s like we’re being pulled in two different directions. The powerful thing about music is that there can be grounding rhythms and expanding. Occurring simultaneously to help us accommodate both of these needs without compromise.

Shift-It! Grounded Expansion

In this Shift It!  soundtrack, there is a series of bass rhythms and deep bass melodic tones. They are holding the listener firmly to the Earth! At the same time, there are some fast, high-pitched rhythms. these are in the higher range of scales being played which assists in upward expansion.

As you listen to it, allow yourself to sink deeply into the music.

And want to know a secret? I like to listen to Shift It! Grounded Expansion while I’m laying on the ground!

Listen here to Shift It! Grounded Expansion

      1. Shift It! Grounded Expansion

Rhythm and Harmony of Nature

Headphones are a great way to listen to a Shift It! track because many are Hemi-synced: they activate the right side and the left side of the brain, synchronizing the sometimes seeming paradoxical parts of our mind into one unit synchronized energy! As you listen, see if you can hear the melodic tone go from your left ear to your right ear. Hear the drums that are playing one rhythm in your left ear and the harmonic resonance of the rhythm playing in your right ear.

In the last two months, I have been spending a lot of time in the nature of Hawaii. I have been listening to the sounds and rhythms: the clacking of the bamboo as the wind blows, the sound of the wind whistling through the palm branches, the squawk and songs of the birds around me, and the deep bass sound of the waves crashing onto the sand. It’s these nature sounds that have inspired many of the drum rhythms and compositions that have evolved in recent Shift It! soundtracks.

If you are ready to expand your work, your personal spiritual connection, your circle of friends, your vocation, and your genius, it may be time for you to have your own Shift It!


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