Healing The Layers of Imprints: The Power of Sound

The Power of Sound

We are multilevel energy beings. We have influences from our immediate life experience, past lives, ancestral imprints. Also DNA intrusions, hooks, chords, contracts, curses, implants, imprints, entities, obstacles, and karma. Our souls have been in existence for eons! How could we not be woven into the threads of time? And activated with the power of sound.

So, we have a dilemma. Perhaps it is only a challenge, or maybe it is just the game of being human, but our task is to be here now!

With all the influences that we have  pulling us this way and that, how do we maintain our balance here? As we travel along this human path without a map or owner’s manual, how the hell are we supposed to figure out what to do?! It is a perplexing situation . . . one that we all are in. Beware of the one who has all the answers: the truth is they do not have any. All this is just to say sometimes life gets confusing and it is not always easy to keep our feet on the path.

Magical & Mysterious Journey

The intention of the Shift It! sample that I have posted today is about healing the layers of imprints, bringing healing to those aspects of our self that we may not understand, so that we can find the anchor that can keep us steady as we move through life. We do not always have to know where we’re going in order to be okay. Sometimes not knowing where we are going is part of the adventure that leads us through the mystery into the magic!

However, we can all ask ourselves, “How much mystery and magic can I handle before I go crazy?” What I believe is that we can connect to our guides and ancestors in the other world and receive guidance, inspiration, and understanding that can help us make decisions and choices that will eradicate the negative patterns that do not support our unique genius. We can receive guidance towards the things that serve us, inspire us, and make us strong.

Unwind the Patterns of the Past

The sample that I posted today is a multi-layered rhythmic and melodic piece that is powerful to help unwind patterns of the past and fuel energy of present focused intention. I am a firm believer in the notion that what you focus on, you feed. Focus on trauma and drama, and you will feed trauma and drama. Focus on peace, wellbeing, and happiness, and you will feed peace, wellbeing, and happiness.

Listen here to a powerful Shift It! sample!

      1. Shift It! sample

As you listen to this sample allow yourself to focus on you as a genius! What I mean by this is the realization held in a conscious manner, that you bring an amazing and wonderful gift to the world that is uniquely yours. In our competitive society, we are not taught how to acknowledge and support the genius that others are. As a matter fact, we are not even taught how to support our own genius.

See Your True Power

In the indigenous African world of Burkina Faso, I learned that we are all genius, and it is the job of the village to acknowledge and support the genius that resides in each and every person. If we are all living our genius then our society arrives. It is competitiveness and backstabbing that disintegrates the energy of the village or society, rather than the common assumption it will inspire community building.

Focus on your gift. Focus on what you love to do most. And if none of this makes any sense and it seems like you are just a blessing confused who needs to be shown what your genius is, here’s what to do: allow the melodies of the guitar and bass and keyboards to pull away the blindfolds that are preventing you from seeing yourself in your true power, and take in the beat of the drum as it fortifies the goodness of who you are.

Allow your genius to expand!

Do you want to learn more about the power of sound? Are you interested in a customized Shift It! CD? Let me know!

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