Build Your Business!

Build Your Business!

Have you ever noticed some people just seem to have a magnetic attraction?

Do you have your own business? One that you work your butt off for, day in and day out, and sometimes feel like you’re barely making it? Yet, others open a business, hang an open sign on the door, and suddenly they’re slammed!

So what’s the deal?

Energy Attracts Like Energy

Magnetization is the key! Remember, everything in the created universe is energy. All energy has a frequency. If all frequencies inherently create an electromagnetic field, frequencies either draw towards or repel from other frequencies.

To create better business, it is imperative that you create the magnetizing frequency that will draw clients and customers to you.

I’ve previously discussed how we sometimes get stuck in a groove. We are sometimes unaware of our emotional state and responses to situations in our lives. It’s the same with our business. Whether you are a salesperson, executive, practitioner in the healing arts, or any other profession, it is easy to get stuck in patterns that eventually decrease our sensitivity and awareness to the energy that we are putting out, and therefore affect our business in a negative way.

Shift Frequencies and Build Your Business

This Shift It! track was designed to attract more clients. It has worked amazingly well! For me, I realized that I had aligned myself with a certain level of clients that I was growing away from. Because of the shifts and changes in the way that I do my work, I needed to attract a new and different client base. Having no idea how to accomplish this, I realized that as we shift and change, so does our frequency. What I needed was to instill a new frequency that drew the clients who were in alignment with my new work. Not rocket science!

Listen here to Shift It! Build Your Business!

      1. Shift It! Build Your Business!

As I begin to construct this Shift It! I realized I was thinking too much and trying too hard. I sat back and laughed at myself. Here I teach people how to connect to energy through ancient shamanic tradition, and I was going straight to my head! I got to see a few of my blind spots connecting to this particular piece of music. When I returned to my center, sought guidance in the way that is in alignment with my poor values, the piece flowed smoothly and fell together beautifully.

Who’s Your Perfect Customer?

Listen to this Shift It! track ten times a day, holding in your mind the intention or thought of the clients and customers you desire to attract. What services do you want them to participate in? How much do you want them to pay? What responses from them do you want for your work?

All of these thoughts are held in the magnetic field of your being. Think of the perfect customer . . . play in your mind the interaction between you and them. As you listen to this Shift It! you will begin to create this field, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the shifts and changes that occur!

Let Go of Your Doubt!

But that’s not where it ends! You need to get yourself out there! As I began to review my own business—my website, my blogs, and other marketing material—I realized that there needed to be some changes if I was going to change the type of client I was attracting.

Group with TobyAs I listened to this Shift It! track over and over and over again, I rewrote and reorganized all of my material. It can be hard sometimes to let go of the familiar, even when the familiar is not working for you. I went through a few months of terrifying doubt and fear, and then shifted into realizing that my intentions, plans, and magnetization through Shift It! had created many new opportunities in a very natural way!

I am my own worst skeptic! Anytime I come up with a new program, workshop, or procedure, I put it to the test before I put it to the public. I will tell you this: Shift It! Build Your Business! works. I’m giving it to you for free! Listen to it as many times as you can, follow my advice above, and let me know how things go for you!

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