Shift Frequencies, Shift Energy!

Shift Frequencies

If you ever feel like you are stuck in an old pattern and cannot seem to find your way out, it is because you’ve created a “frequency groove.” Its time to shift frequencies! For those of us raised in the vinyl record days, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes the needle from the turntable would get stuck in a groove and play a portion of a song over and over again. Until something occurred to move the needle, it would stay stuck.

Getting unstuck is the key! I remember I would put three or four pennies on the arm of the turntable just above the needle. This extra weight would help the needle find its way through the stuck place and continue playing the rest of the record.

Interesting how this correlates with life. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic weight, or occurrence, in life to give us the power to break our pattern.

Other times, in terms of the phonograph, we would simply lift the plane arm and reset the needle. Sometimes in life, we just need to pull out of a situation that is causing problems, step back, and get a new point of view.

Get a New Point of View

There are several factors in getting “unstuck.” Number one is the shifting of rhythm. Shift-It! has proven to be a tremendously potent tool for transforming energy. Patterns are created by repeated rhythmic habits. The longer the patterns are repeated, the easier they are to repeat.

The second is the shifting of frequencies. Have you ever noticed when you move into a new environment, that there are sounds you hear that you are not familiar with and they grab your attention? Sometimes even to the point where you cannot concentrate or sleep? I spend several months a year in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. On this island, there are more chickens than I have ever seen in my life! About four o’clock in the morning the roosters start crowing. When I first moved here, I would wake up every morning and not be able to go back to sleep because of the sound of these birds. Now that I have become accustomed to the sound, I sleep right through it.

Shift Out of Old Patterns

This is also what happens in life. Even if a pattern is negative, the more comfortable we get with it the less bothers us. So using a  Shift It! the soundtrack changes frequencies and helps us to shift out of old patterns.

What patterns and sounds have you become used to in your life? How do people speak to you? Most importantly, how do you speak to yourself? What are your “default action settings?” How do you respond in situations where push comes to shove? When you feel threatened, what you do?

Think about these things! Run through in your mind a typical day and all the emotions you feel. How do you respond? How do you feel about yourself throughout the ups and downs of a typical day?

A Sample Track Just for You

Listen to this sample below. Hear how some instruments are playing low grounding bass notes, while a stringed instrument is feverishly tossing out high-frequency rhythmic tones. This “during effect” helps to eradicate old patterns, while the bass notes help to reestablish footing on a new path and guide you to a new way of being. Enjoy this Shift It!

Listen here to Shift It! Shift Old Patterns!

      1. Shift It! Shift Old Patterns!

After examining your response patterns, call me for your own customized Shift It! soundtrack. By bringing your awareness to the patterns in your life, emotional responses, and other patterns, we can create a very powerful and potent shift for you!

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