Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Do you ever look at your life, and find it difficult to determine which direction you are going? Are you moving forward?

As you look over your life in the last five years, have you been driving in reverse?

This post is about moving forward. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we try, it seems we can’t get ahead. How many of us remember hearing as a child,“You have to work hard to be successful!” or, “Life’s not fair. It is difficult to make it in this hard world.”?

Clearing Ancestral Imprints

We carry a lot of imprints — culturally, spiritually, and ancestrally. Our family lineage holds with it a spider web of connections to attitudes, belief systems, and imprinted “truths” that have an impact on every minute of our day.

In the work that I do with sound healing, one of the big rituals that occur when someone is having a series of sessions is clearing ancestral imprints. This can be one of the most powerful ceremonies that can be done — it is on par with what I call Power Reclamation/Soul Retrieval. This life-changing, and are necessary if we are going to set a new course for our lives free from the influence of those who came before us.

Your Core Values Help Direct You

When you set your intention to move forward, it is important to know what forward means to you. It does not always mean moving in the direction that you thought was forward a year ago. As our core values shift and change, and as our energy shifts and changes, what we perceive as moving forward can radically alter in the definition in a very short period of time.

In the Shift It! process, the key is to create a soundtrack that is connected to your core values on a very primal level, so that as your perceptions of how to live those core values in the world changes, you continue to move towards your intended goal supported by what is most important to you: your core values.

By listening to a Shift It! track, you are continually reinforcing the energetic pattern of your core values while simultaneously feeding the energy of creating your intent. Very powerful medicine!

Be Your Own Boss!

Lots of times, we think something is “sacred” or “powerful” because someone tells us that it is. This is what I call being a sheep. It is tied into a lot of organized religion and has to do with following blindly one who assumes the authority to determine your point of view and, most dangerously, your core values.

What I like to work with you on is finding your own point of view of the sacred and powerful. When you are guided by your core values and intentions, you are fully capable of determining what is important and valuable to you. This goes for your spirituality, as well as the kind of car you drive and the kind of clothes you wear. Be your own boss! Be your own authenticating expert! Love what you love because you love it! Do what you do because it is in alignment with who you are and what you want to accomplish!

A Shift It! Track to Help You Take Back Your Power

This Shift It! sample is about moving forward. It is about breaking down the walls of limitation, fear, negative influence, and bandwagon mentality while supporting individuation, pride, and ownership for yourself based on your own core values and true feelings.

Listen to it as you take back your power! Also, listen to it and own your troops!

Listen here to Shift It! Moving Forward!

      1. Shift It! Moving Forward!

Is it time to create your own customized Shift It! soundtrack? Let me know!

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