Conscious Connection to Sound, Rhythm And Music

Stop right where you are and listen. What sounds do you hear? Traffic, sounds of nature, a fan from the HVAC system, breathing, the wind . . . there are many subtle sounds in our environment. The more that we can be aware of the sounds around us, the more we can connect to the sounds that inspire us and dismiss the sounds that are stress-inducing. How many times have you listened to your radio while you are driving, and perhaps a half-hour later you cannot remember any of the songs that you heard?

Bringing consciousness to the sounds around us is a profound way of owning your power, consciously directing your life and creating a sustainable environment of inspiration and creativity.

The Connection Between Body & Sound

Woman with HeadphonesBack in the 80s and early 90s there were many companies were producing subliminal soundtracks of ocean sounds or sounds of nature with subtle messages built-in to the underlying tracks you were consciously listening to. Many of these were quite effective on the level of the subconscious mind. The downside of listening to such tracks is that you don’t really know the messages that are being imparted to you. Unless, of course, you have a relationship of trust with the person who is making the track.

If you don’t know someone who you can trust to create a tool like this for you, it’s okay: you can do it yourself! When I was a runner, I created a soundtrack that was an hour-and-a-half long. This soundtrack was designed to affect my mind and body according to the route that I was running. My initial downhill start was my warm-up (calm, soothing music tastes just right for me to get my stride and breathing synchronized). When I hit the flats along the river, the pace of the songs increased as I quickened my pace now that I was warmed up. As I made a left turn and started heading up the hill, strong, heavy and loud powerful music gave me a boost as the environment put more and more stress on my body. The last section was my cool down. As I reached the top of the hill and began my descent back home, the music became lighter, slower-paced and soothing. This simple connection to music and sound made all the difference in the world for my workouts.

Connect Consciously to Sound & Rhythm

Toby Giving Thumbs UpFor the last two years, I have been creating custom soundtracks for people who are ready for radical change in their lives. I have created the soundtracks for business people who were pursuing success, people who were suffering from severe illness, teams of creative entrepreneurs and individuals undergoing surgery who wished for a quick recovery and complete healing.

As people have put these to use and connected consciously to the sound, rhythm and music, the transformation and empowerment has been amazing! Although I do not put subliminal messages into these tracks, I have had people specifically ask for certain statements or mantras to be woven into the rhythm and music of the soundtracks. It has been wonderful watching people apply these tools with profound results, making their lives more healthy, happy and fulfilled.

For more information on these soundtracks visit Shift It! and Shift It! PLUS. Let’s get started on your own personal soundtrack!

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