Sound Therapy in Harmony with Allopathic Medicine

Sound Therapy

Over the years I have had the great pleasure of working with physicians. Also psychiatrists, and psychologists within the Western medical system. I have worked in the cancer words at Children’s Hospital. I have drummed in psychiatric wards and facilitated by many different medical institutions. I have also have worked one-on-one with some of the best surgeons in the world. When I talk about my work, most people assume that my alternative method of initiating change is in conflict with Western medicine. Not so! It is Sound Therapy.

Modern Sounds

Sound has been used in Western medicine for quite some time. How many of you have had ultrasound treatments or have gone in for ultrasound imaging? This is very common for pregnant women want to get a glimpse at the wonderful child within. Also to verify the health and well-being of the baby prior to birth. It is also very common in hospitals and hospice to have music played for the patient to help them in their healing process. I know of several harp players that are hired full-time by medical institutions to play their music in these circumstances.

There have also been several clinical studies in regards to Therapeutic Drumming and its effect on cancer. Dr. Barry Bittman facilitated the amazing study that showed very clearly that the cancer-killing cells that our body naturally produces are enhanced radically when people drum. This study also revealed an increase in the immune system and other systems in the body that fight off disease and infection. Other studies have revealed the psychological benefits of both therapeutic drumming and exposure to certain kinds of music.

I have found in my own work, that working with medical and corporate executives who are under a tremendous amount of stress find tremendous relief after a 30-minute drum session! The most effective means of therapy is to have the patience drum themselves, but even listening to therapeutic drumming and healing music has physiological as well as psychological benefits to their recipient.

Stress Reduction

I worked with a group of financial management brokers who were very specialized in their field. The CEO asked if the work that I do could help unify his team, increase productivity, harmonize the workplace and decrease the stress level of his team. After a two-hour session where each person was challenged to be part of the group all of whom were drumming they had a significant increase in productivity, work relations immediately flowed more smoothly, communication among the brokers increased and the stress level in the office was reduced significantly.

I also worked with a team of nurses and hospital administrators who found therapeutic drumming to be enjoyable, effective, and profoundly helpful in the same areas that the financial brokers did. It is my intention to repeal the benefits of therapeutic drumming to everyone possible. I do not believe it is in conflict with anyone who desires to bring help and goodness to the world. I support my Western medical physician friends and clients and look forward to the increased use of this therapy in institutions around the country!

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