Changing Habits with Sound Therapy

Do you have a pattern or habit that you just can’t seem to overcome? Smoking, over eating, over drinking, hours in front of the TV or other activities that seem to be a waste of time, but you just can’t stop!

I have great news for you! These patterns and habits can change. They can change quickly, and they can change easily!

Here’s How to Change

Group DrummingEvery aspect of our life is held by a pattern of energy. The science of physics is very clear that everything in the created universe is made up of pure energy. Energy has a frequency or vibration. This vibration creates an electromagnetic field that literally magnetize to us similar energies to the vibration we hold. Many of these “unhelpful” vibrations are created through very sophisticated methods of advertising, trance-like states induced intentionally by broadcasters, and the fact that we live, for the most part, isolated lives that lack community and connection.

Understanding these patterns and how we were tricked into opening them for ourselves can be helpful, but I’m a big believer in “what you focus on, you feed” so I’m not going to get into the evils of the media or the subliminal programming in music etc. etc. What I want to talk about is the solution.

The solution is simple: Change your rhythm  and you will change your life! As we change the vibrational field we change the things that we magnetize to us. By setting up a different electromagnetic field we can literally change every aspect of our lives. This includes everything that we attract to us and everything we repel.

Sound Therapy

Toby Christensen  The most effective method of transforming this magnetic attraction is the use of sound. Sound therapy is by far the most effective method to transform your life! It is because we are dealing with pure energy when we are dealing with sound, and the problem that you have in your life is a configuration of energy. This basically means that the treatment speaks the same language as the condition so change can occur. In the work that I do I mostly use drums to initiate these radical changes to help people. I find that drums emit a tremendous amount of energy, and in addition to tone and harmonics they also radically modify the rhythm or frequency that one is resonating.

I have conducted thousands of sessions with great success. I’ve worked with people overwhelmed with addiction, steeped in destructive habits, and those with catastrophic illness. The results that I have witnessed over the last 15 years have been amazing to say the least. I encourage you to check out sound therapy. For more information you can go to

When you’re ready for your session, contact me and we’ll set up a time to change your rhythm and change your life!

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