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Shift with coach Toby Christensen

Coaching Tip Of The Day – Intention

Are You Clear On Your Intention? If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. Clarity is imperative! When things go wrong, it can be a time to adjust your intention. When someone doesn’t want to do business with you perhaps it is a blessing! What Is Your Best Next […]

Strategic Action with Toby Christensen

Strategic Action

Life As A Dreamer Dreamers have a vision for their life. They imagine the new car, the beautiful house, vacations in the Caribbean, and doing great things in the world. Sometimes they have their vision boards and their affirmations posted all over their house. They talk of how the universe is creating for them the […]

Don't Let Things From The Past Take Your Joy Of Today

You, The Great Manifester! Part 1

You, The Great Manifester The Great Manifester.We are at an unusual place in history where the hard science of quantum physics and holistic philosophy agree with one another and where science and spirituality are coming together. These disciplines agree that we are energetic beings who create our reality with our thoughts and actions. We live […]


Build Your Business!

Build Your Business! Have you ever noticed some people just seem to have a magnetic attraction? Do you have your own business? One that you work your butt off for, day in and day out, and sometimes feel like you’re barely making it? Yet, others open a business, hang an open sign on the door, […]

Danny and Tanis

Moving Forward

Moving Forward Do you ever look at your life, and find it difficult to determine which direction you are going? Are you moving forward? As you look over your life in the last five years, have you been driving in reverse? This post is about moving forward. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard […]

Private Sessions by Healing Drummer

“Shift It!” — Change Your Life!

According to Toby, everything in your life is an expression of the energy you carry. If you shift that energy, you will shift the situation. Have Toby Christensen, The Healing Drummer, create for you your own custom healing CD! As a new offering from healingdrummer.com, Toby has created “Shift It!”: a unique healing session intended to […]

New Moon!

Changing of the Seasons I’ve been enjoying fall on the East coast- sunny weather and bright bold colors. The last great show of color before winter sets in!  Being here and seeing this times perfectly with the arrival of the Libra Super New Moon tonight – which marks a time of balance, harmony and peace […]