You, The Great Manifester! Part 1

You, The Great Manifester

The Great Manifester.We are at an unusual place in history where the hard science of quantum physics and holistic philosophy agree with one another and where science and spirituality are coming together. These disciplines agree that we are energetic beings who create our reality with our thoughts and actions. We live in a huge limitless sea of energy that flows through and around us.  We affect that sea of energy with our actions and our thoughts, and it is out of that sea of energy that our life experience is created. Surf’s up dude! It’s time to create and catch a better wave.

Cool . . . but what does it mean? When you are telling a story or talking about yourself, how do you describe yourself? Do you ever say things about yourself like a dork? ugly? stupid? poor? When you do this, this is the image you are sending to the sea of possibility to take form. Conversely, when you speak of yourself in high regard, very different energy is sent out to be created! The Great Manifester

The Energy of Words and Thoughts

Scientists are continually searching for smaller and smaller sub-atomic particles. In doing so, they have discovered that an atom is composed of mostly empty space with very little solid matter if any at all. In the words of physicist Fred Alan Wolf:

. . .the deeper we go into an atom, the more we realize that everything we thought was solid is turning out to be pure energy.”

These atomic particles are in constant motion. They spin, vibrate, move about, and change dimension. Therefore, the empty space of an atom is actually filled with energetic connections of all kinds being exerted among those tiny and tinier particles and by outside forces (energies) acting upon them as well. At the lowest frequencies, things appear separate and solid. At the highest frequency of vibration, each form of living matter is interconnected as our particles dance and spin apart and together.

On the other end, the universe—which we generally think of as empty space—is now recognized as a living entity of immeasurable intelligence, size, and power. Recent reports from the Hubble telescope verify one of Einstein’s discarded theories of dark energy that continually pushes the blossoming of the evolving universal energy field.

That’s right: we live in a veritable sea of moving energy. And The Great Manifester gets to decide what to do with it!

The Universal Energy Field

Many people call this vast energy field God, or more generically, the Universal Energy Field. The Universal Field is a vast, cosmic sea of endless possibilities and infinite wisdom . . . the Source of All . . . extending infinitely . . . beyond human measure. This Universal Field, Source of All, and little ole’ we exist as part of a greater All. The energy fields of humans, plants, animals, the earth, and the universe provide an interface that connects us one to the other.

So getting back to my point, who hasn’t said at some time in their life: I would love to do that, but I can’t afford it? When you do, the universal field shifts things incrementally toward you to confirm that you are indeed correct and can’t afford it—an unexpected bill, loss of income, an added expense, etc. The longer you believe it, the more times you say it, the more energy is put into making it so. If you tell yourself things like, I am not loveable or I am not smart enough or I am not beautiful enough or whatever your personal Kryptonite is that you use against yourself, you attract people and experiences toward yourself that reinforce this message—a relationship with someone who treats you badly, friends who talk about you behind your back, or maybe no relationships at all.

Feed Your True Story – The Great Manifester

Don’t feel bad, we have all done this at some point and it is easily remedied. The beautiful thing about this is that the universe will honor all your requests regardless of if they are beneficial to you or not. This is the essence of free will. The Universe wants you to be RIGHT and wants to support your desires and intentions. Can’t have a better ally than that!

So this is why when you say these things, the situations occur to make it so. The same is true when you send out the thoughts, words, and intentions indicating a desire to achieve your greatness!

Which story do you want to live in? Which one will come true?  Simple: the one you feed.

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