You, The Great Manifester! Part 2

Part 2

In part 2, we will learn from children! They can be our greatest teachers!

To get an idea of how far we have strayed from creating endless possibilities for ourselves. Listen to small children’s play. Listen to them talk about things without any limits. In their games, they want to be a princess, or an astronaut, or a dragon, a fireman, a zookeeper, a fairy, or a Jedi Knight. Not only do they want to become those things, but they DO also become those things for an afternoon or longer.

Live Like a Child Part 2

As adults, we often recoil from dreaming and make-believe because it is childish. We rely on logic and reasonableness! However many of the great innovators of our time have become rich, famous and have helped humanity by dreaming foolish dreams. If you listen to the story of Steve Jobs he talks about calling Hewlett Packard. He was a teenager asking for spare parts to build a computer. Mr. Hewlett was so intrigued by this young man’s courage and creativity, he gave him the parts for free! Children haven’t been trained to believe that such things as being a Jedi Knight are not possible for them. They do not know or accept the rules we adults have tacitly agreed to.

Rules schedules! Those rules are a limitation that we absorbed as part of our familial, cultural, or societal imprinting. We don’t need them. We just believe them because we have been told them so many times that we forget what we knew as children. And because we believe them, we slowly lose our ability to become the genius we really are.

Break the Patterns of Limitation

If you are happy with the rules and limitations you are living with, great! For others, it’s time to expand! Time to create new rules, or none at all! Let’s resolve to break the patterns of limitation. Luckily it’s easy, but it will require vigilance of your speech and thoughts for a while until you create a new habit. Stop speaking negatively about yourself in any context. Be kind and non-judgmental about it when you lapse. If you notice yourself saying negative things about yourself or your situation, step back, and see if you can identify why you are doing it.

What do you get out of doing that and how might you achieve that same end without the negative self-talk? Most times we say things about ourselves to others that are negative in the hopes that someone will contradict us and tell us how untrue that is. They will reflect our greatness back to us in a way that we can see it. For some reason, it is more socially acceptable for us to do this than it is for us to acknowledge our own genius directly. Self-promotion is often seen as egotistical. By doing it in a “roundabout way,” we create the illusion of humbleness. We get the compliment, but it works against us energetically as our words attract the very things we do not want.

Begin to become more aware of how you speak and think about yourself so that you attract what you want instead of what you don’t want. Learn to be kinder to yourself and still be honest. It is vital that you begin to change your thought patterns right now. It will make things so much easier when you do.

In the next post, I will talk about how to begin this process and give you some exercises to help accelerate the process!

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