You, The Great Manifester! Part 3

Part 3

So you have caught yourself thinking something negative about yourself again. PERFECT. We can use that. Maybe you have even climbed onto your squeaky mental hamster wheel and began chanting that thought like a mantra: bad, stupid, dorky, unlovable, weak. Now it is Part 3


Calmly stop the wheel, climb off and sit for a moment. You aren’t really any of those things.

Exercise: Course Correction Ahead

So, what happens if you tell yourself that you are loveable instead? Even if you do not believe it, do it anyway and see what happens.  You have nothing to lose. Now get back on your hamster thought wheel and chant that for a while – loveable, smart, loveable, good, loveable. Maybe even imagine running the wheel in the opposite direction.

Just like working out on the elliptical machine in reverse, it trains a different set of muscles. Pay attention to how you feel and to what happens after. Feelings are the greatest attracter of all. If you can delve into your imagination, which by the way is often a better source of information than your “logical” mind, and feel what it might be like to think of your self as the feeling you desire. The inspiring entrepreneur Daniel Laporte says, “Everything we desire is not about the “thing” we desire but the feeling it gives us.” Cook on that for a while. Pretend and dream what it would feel like to be what you dream of.

As you engage in this exercise, you will begin to change your energy. By changing the energy you carry, you will begin to attract people who love you just as you are and you will move into a place where you are supported in loving ways throughout your whole life. It is a very cool trick and it works. The power of change is in your hands.

Challenge Existing Beliefs

Beliefs are very fragile and are actually quite easy to shift. People used to believe that the world was flat. People used to believe that it was impossible to run a 4-minute mile or fly or travel to the moon. The magic is in part 3

But, there are always those few people who see things differently and who follow their own heart’s dance, even when the steps are out of sync with the current thinking of their world.   They decide to put those beliefs to the test and sometimes ways of thinking are forever changed. I sometimes think to my self, “How could they have been so stupid to believe such a ridiculous thing?” Then of course I say that to myself, too: “How could I have believed such a silly thing?”

I put lots of things to the test these days. I hope you begin to do that as well. Challenge your existing beliefs and allow them to change.

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