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Life As A DreamerOcean and Rainbow

Dreamers have a vision for their life. They imagine the new car, the beautiful house, vacations in the Caribbean, and doing great things in the world. Sometimes they have their vision boards and their affirmations posted all over their house. They talk of how the universe is creating for them the life they envision. They talk of how their financial desperation will soon be remedied. The talk of how their health issues will be healed and how much time they spend visioning this perfect life.

The only thing is, year after year after year… It is always the same, And nothing ever changes! Why is this?

Dreamer vs Doer

The people described in the above paragraph are not bad people. They are people with vision and intention often with great sincerity. The reason things don’t ever change in their life is that they never create a plan for how to create the things they desire. I called these people dreamers. They dream away their lives projecting their energy into the future and doing very little in the present to form the future they desire.

Doers. The other people that I work with are people who are constantly coming up with ideas and simultaneously taking action to materialize the ideas and dreams that they hold. They also have vision boards, they have a clear picture of what they want to create And they have a plan to make it happen. Often they have several plans, just in case one of the first plans doesn’t work! These doers tend to be very accomplished. They may not manifest every aspect of their dream but they manifest a hell of a lot more than the dreamers.

The doers are also continuously modifying their vision-based on the expansion of their plans.


Anyone who’s driven a car with a tachometer understands RPMs. These letters stand for revolutions per minute and he relates to the function of an engine or power source. It is often associated with power. High-performance cars develop more power with higher RPMs. We also develop more power with higher RPM! The great motivational speaker and peak performance strategist Anthony Robbins talks about RPMs in the following manner

  • R – stands for Result precisely – it means that we need to have a precise and clear vision for the result we desire. The more detailed and precise we are with our desired outcome the more precise we will be at reaching.
  • P – stands for Purpose  – our purpose is the why behind what we do. What are the reasons that you have for your desired outcome? The more reasons you have two created the better the possibility of achievement.
  • M – stands for Massive action plan – when you have a clear vision, and a good reason to create that vision, you need a plan to make it happen. The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step and if you keep taking those steps you will arrive at your destination. Anthony Robbins suggests that we should have several action plans. That way, if one doesn’t work we’ve got several backups to ensure our success!

Life As A Doer – Strategic Action Person

The doers in life always have something going on. Whether they are miles away from their desired outcome or knocking on its door, they always have action happening around them. They are gathering information, meeting people, investing their time towards their desired outcome, and constantly evaluating what they do and if it is consistent with getting them where they want to go! They are also consistently eliminating actions and activities that are counterproductive to their desires.

Yes, they go out to the movies, watch TV and go out on the town and have fun!  It’s not that a doer is a workaholic, hyper-focused, self-serving narcissist. It’s that they have a dream with a plan. They take action daily to create that plan and follow their plan consistently to create their desired outcome.

Strategic Action

Achieving success at the highest levels requires a well-oiled, finely tuned machine that both supports you and provides solutions at optimum speed. This program allows you to create that machine either and can be customized either for an individual or team.

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