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Trust The Process In the GeniusLab with Toby Christensen

Trust The Process

Do You Make The Sunrise Or Trust The Process? Think about it. When things go wrong that you have planned, it’s easy to get mad, disappointed, and discouraged, right? What if you trust the process. Like the weather, we can hope for conditions favorable to our activity. Ultimately though, it is out of our hands […]


The GeniusLab Session With Toby Christensen

The GeniusLab Session There are things you can do to up your chances of being successful. Success to me means to accomplish what you set out to do, create, or make happen. So in this GeniusLab Podcast, I give you some tips from my coaching program The GeniusLab Session. The Laws Of Success Success happens […]

Congruence taught by Toby Christensen

Coaching Series Month 2 Video #5 Congruence

What Is Congruence? Congruence is the most important aspect of creating status. It is laser focused attention to what you want to be and create. When you are in a congruent state all of your actions, thoughts and intentions are all working in synchronized harmony. What You Say Is Not Always What You Get To […]