The GeniusLab Session With Toby Christensen

The GeniusLab Session

Toby with a team of happy clients In the genius lab

There are things you can do to up your chances of being successful. Success to me means to accomplish what you set out to do, create, or make happen. So in this GeniusLab Podcast, I give you some tips from my coaching program The GeniusLab Session.

The Laws Of Success

Success happens to good people and bad. So does failure. So the condition of your business is not a moral issue. It is a physics issue. If you do the right things and are congruent with the 5 Pillars Of Success you are more likely to accomplish your goals than if you don’t.

The 5 Pillars Of Success

There are 5 things that “high impact” people know that most other people don’t. I call them the 5 Pillars Of Success:

  1. Core Values
  2. Core Beliefs
  3. Mission
  4. Goals
  5. World View

If you know these things about yourself and you align them so they are congruent you have a very good chance of accomplishing what you set out to do. Enjoy the podcast!

Here Is The Podcast

Here Is how you can increase your chance at success:

To signup for your GeniusLab Session and significantly increase your chance at success click the link below!


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