Part 2 Of Visualization In The GeniusLab

Part 2 Of Visualization In The GeniusLabPart 2 Of Visualization In The GeniusLab

Part 2 of the visualization is about the nuts and bolts of effective visualization. What does it take to see clearly and use that clarity to create the life you desire? It is about creating the success you want for your own benefit as well as making a bigger impact on the planet!

Why Do You Want It?

When visualizing your desired outcome the first thing to think about is, WHY? Why do you want this to happen? This will do a couple of important things. One, it will help you understand what your motive is. It will allow you to check, is this desire in alignment with my core values, core beliefs, and mission? This is of course assuming you have had a GeniusLab Session and know these things!

How Do You Want To Feel?

Next ask yourself, “How do I want to feel when I accomplish this?” It might sound funny but the reason you want a thing is to make you feel a certain way.

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