Visualization In The GeniusLab With Toby Christensen

Visualization In The GeniusLab

Visualization in the GeniusLab is about creating the life you want. It is the key to creating anything. Visualization In The GeniusLab with Toby Christensen

Being able to see your desired outcome clearly is necessary if you are going to achieve it.

There is an old saying by Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice In Wonderland: ”If you donʼt know where youʼre going, any road will take you there.” This is not a new concept. This saying was first published back in the mid 1800ʼs.

The Power Of Visualization

In contemporary history, many have supported this concept. Carl Young had a visualization process called “Active Imagination”. In the 60ʼs Maxwell Maltz published “Psycho-Cybernetics” which is the book that defined the mind-body connection as core in succeeding in attaining personal goals.

Maltz found that his plastic surgery patients often had expectations that were not satisfied by the surgery, so he pursued a means of helping them set the goal of a positive outcome through specific and active visualization of that positive outcome having already been accomplished, before surgery. Get this? He found there was power in visualizing success BEFORE the event.

3 Principals Of Creation

One: What you focus on, you feed.

There is an old Qigong proverb: Translation please:

“Yi Dow, Chi Dow” – “Where the mind goes, the energy flows.”

Whatever you spend the most time thinking about is what you will create in your life. Plain and simple: If you want to achieve your desired outcome, spend most of your thinking and feeling time on that thing.

Two: Energy attracts “like” energy.

The stronger you feel something the more energy you create. So visualizing and attaching that vision with authentic feelings exponentially powers up your manifesting abilities.

Three: Authenticity is the key to creation.

The more authentic your desire, the more fulfilling the outcome will be. If you are trying to do something to gain the respect or admiration of others your work will have a “bittersweet” result. The more in alignment with your authentic Genius it is, the sweeter the accomplishment.

“When you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit itself becomes more satisfying.” ~ Danielle LaPorte

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