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Organization In The GeniusLaborganization-in-the-geniuslab-with-toby-christensen

Organization – If you want to get bigger, make more money, and have a bigger impact you need to build your container! Money is energy, power is energy and impact is energy. The more energy you carry the stronger you need to be. You cannot put 20 lbs of gold in a 5-pound capacity bag. Thats why we are talking about  organization in the geniuslab with Toby Christensen

The organization will help you build your container which will allow you to grow and thrive.

Organizing Your Environment

One of the most important aspects of organization is having your environment, both internal and external, be in alignment with your desired outcome.

Take a look at your workspace…what do you see? Look at your living space, what do you notice? Look in your closets and take a quick visual and visceral inventory of what you see.

  • How much of what you see is current useable stuff?
  • How much is junk?
  • What do you give space and time to in your mind?
  • How do you spend your time?
  • How do you organize your time and how much of it supports your desired outcome?

There are 3 aspects of organization that are key. One is your space, another your time the third is your mind!

Check out this podcast for more on this and click on the link below to signed up for MOVE! It’s the ultimate game changer!

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