Your Human Condition In The GeniusLab With Toby Christensen

Your Human ConditionCoach Toby Your Human Condition-in-the-geniuslab-with-toby-christensen

We all come in with the same basic hardware. A body, brain, nervous system, etc. The difference between most people is the programming of the conscious mind to process information in a certain way. This is part of Your Human Condition

Success & Failure

The way you process information can make the difference between success and failure. All the influences you have had are registered in your subconscious mind and instantly referenced when faced with a decision. Your conscious mind and sub then compare notes!

When they are on the same track things happen quickly and easily. When there is a conflict, gridlock occurs.

Get More Information About Your Human Condition

A GeniusLab Session can really help bring you into congruence. This alignment is powerful and a real game changer!

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Realize Your Greatness In The Genius Lab!

Finding your way to a new future is fun, exciting and the challenge often helps you find strength and power you never knew you had.

First of all, how can you find power without a test? Also, how can you learn without facing and solving a problem?

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