Coaching Series Month 4 Video #1 Finding Your Message

What Is Your Personal Message?

One of the most powerful ways we can have an impact in the world is to have a Personal message.

Not just any message but a clear and articulate message.

One that stops the static in the room and opens a clear channel for people to hear you.

What is yours? Have you found it yet?

We’ve All Got A Story To Tell

We’ve all got something to say. So why is it that some people are compelling to listen to and others are not?

One thing is that there is a science to telling a story and it takes practice.

There is another even more powerful reason some get heard and others do not. AUTHENTICITY

The most important thing to being believed is to be authentic and truthful.

Your Energy Will Always Precede Your Information

Its not so much the information you communicate but the energy behind the information.

If you have ever talked to someone who is being snarky, they may not be saying any words of conflict but you can feel the conflict in the energy behind the words.

For example in  this video series we are talking about productivity and problem solving, how to connect to motivation and you can tell it is authentic because of the energy!


If you are ready to find your message and would like some help to get you focused and clear contact me at > Contact Toby

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