Coaching Series Month 3 Video #2 Core Values, Beliefs, Goals and Mission

Core Values Are One Of Four Factors Which Determine Your Legacy

Of all the determining factors for clarity, focus and building your legacy, core values are the most important.

Lots of people associate beliefs with are values. The difference is, core values are absolute and beliefs can change rather easily.

If you think about some beliefs like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, they change with time.

There was a time when people believed that the Earth was flat!

Goals vs Beliefs

Goals are the specific things you want to create or accomplish. Beliefs are the guides for you to create your goals.

When your core values, beliefs and goals are all congruent you are a manifesting machine!

When they are not, you grind to a slow gridlock in life.

What Is Your Mission?

Your mission is about passion and working for something greater than yourself.

It is the thing you do or the creation of your dream that creates the legacy.

Your mission is the expression of purpose and innovation that builds motivation and inspiration.

In this video I talk about the four factors for creating your legacy and the importance of having them in alignment or congruence.




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