Coaching Series Month 3 Video #3 Start Living Your Legacy

Start Living Your Legacy

OK so, when do you start living your legacy? How about NOW!

Most people talk about their legacy as if it only starts when we are in the ground.

Guess what, it starts now. people that encounter you are creating the stories that will tell years from now.

Are You An Inspiration?

Are you a success? Do you help people in problem solving? Coaching?

There are many ways we can leave a legacy and it starts with every moment of human contact. Start NOW!

Get Started

Act now to be remembered then. If you want to be a great leader, start acting like one.

If you don’t know how, find someone you admire and sign up for some coaching or mentoring!

It takes time and strategy to build a life that people notice. one of the main things is to quit thinking about yourself and focus on how you can add value to peoples lives!

The mistake most people make is that they think from their own perspective instead of the way those who will be talking about them see their life.



Toby Christensen is a trained coach that helps people navigate the trials and tribulations of personal and business life. His innovative style brings inspiration to this he works with and his simple, yet effective methodology brigs clarity to problem solving for more CLICK HERE

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