Coaching Series Month 3 Video #1 Building Your Legacy

Building Your Legacy

What is your legacy? Also have you thought about what it is you will leave behind when you are dead and gone?

What do you want to be remembered for? What are the things you want people to talk about at your funeral? Your friends will remember you for what?

Will there even be a trace of you? Think of the greats like Eric Clapton now thats a legacy.

Five Years After Your Death

Imagine it is 5 years after you have passed away and some old friends are getting together.

Your name comes up…

What do you want them to be saying about you? Furthermore, what stories do you want them to be telling?

What About Your Family

While thinking about your family, what will your children or spouse be saying about you.

The inspiration you bring today is the success you will create tomorrow. As you start acting your legacy today you will make an impact on the world that will last many lifetimes.

The important thing is to have congruence between your mission, core values, beliefs and your desired outcomes. When these are all in sync your productivity and ability to align your legacy is amazing.



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How To Get Started

It really isn’t that hard to get things rolling on your legacy.

First you just need to think about the future and start living it now.

What are the things that you like about yourself. What are the things you don’t like about you?

Here is what an article I read said about legacy:

Whenever a celebrated figure dies — whether an artist, an entertainer, a famed activist or noble leader — we out here in the land of non-celebrity, and even some who share that vaunted status — speak much about the legacy of that person. We share their resume of beloved books, music, or films; we speak of their accomplishments in making the world a better place, their contributions to humanity, the simple pleasures they brought those who indulged in all they had to offer. We honor them by our attention to, and appreciation of, what they left behind. Their bequest. Their legacy.

Yet, oddly, we seem only to ascribe the concept of legacy to those who are famous. We speak rarely in those terms about the uncelebrated, the not-famous, the every-day folks unknown beyond their small circles. They are, or were, after all, just “regular people,” certainly not meritorious enough to bear the burden of legacy… right?

I don’t think so. In fact, I think the misassignation of “legacy” as a responsibility only of the famous and celebrated has done a grave disservice to our human race. It has deflected our understanding of, and excused our inattentiveness to, what’s expected of each and every one of us in our short time on earth: leaving it better than we found it.

But who expects that of me? I’m just a regular person. Nobody cares what I leave behind, or what I do or say. Nobody will remember me beyond my family. Nobody pays attention or cares about what I contribute to the human race! I’m not obligated to the world. I’m just trying to survive, and as long as I take care of my family, keep my kids from going off the rails, don’t kill anybody, maybe have a little fun, that’s good enough for me.

Those are statements actually said to me, and they do illustrate common trains of thought. Which is understandable. Not everyone wants to get all “grand” about how they live their lives. They don’t necessarily want to think that big, extend their view so globally, burden themselves with a higher consciousness that might demand more awareness of consequences and their lasting effect.

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