Coaching Series Month 2 Video #5 Congruence

What Is Congruence?

Congruence is the most important aspect of creating status. It is laser focused attention to what you want to be and create.

When you are in a congruent state all of your actions, thoughts and intentions are all working in synchronized harmony.

What You Say Is Not Always What You Get

To be congruent you need more than just words.

The energy you carry needs to be aligned with your core values and intentions.

Its not just about saying or claiming or affirming, it is about energetic alignment.

Steps To Congruence

  1.  Clarify what it is you really want
  2.  Analyze the congruence
  3.  Consider long-term consequences
  4.  Time for your personalized analysis
  5.  Put your plan into action

Here is what clients have to say:

“By taking stock of my life with Toby through your programs, the desire to change things for the better emerged on its own, and with intensity.” ~~ Steven from NYC

“Toby is a do-er and man of action. It really helps to have someone with that kind of fire on your side when setting about to make changes in one’s life.” ~~ Ravi from New Mexico

“I have always known that when working toward a desired outcome, that the clearer my intention, the greater that outcome will be. Toby gave me a set of tools to set my objectives with clarity and laser-like focus. Powerful stuff!” ~~ James from Chicago

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this program into my treatment plan. Toby‘s work opened doors that I didn’t even know existed.  A very satisfying experience indeed!” ~~ Dr. P, Vancouver BC

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