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Tori playing the Djembe

A Night of Drumming

Some of the time here on the island spontaneous occurrences present themselves. One night, my friend Terry Kingen was visiting me with his daughter, Tori, and she spotted my drums lined up along the wall. Being very curious about this, she asked to hear what they sounded like. What came from that was about 3 […]

What Zombies Taught Me About Transformational Drumming Part III

People say the kindest things… I thought you might enjoy reading (or just scanning) a sampling of the warm words people send me. The comments are from private sessions, drumming workshops, performances, and from people listening to my music CDs. “I closed my eyes and took a few deep, full breaths as the drumming began. […]

Hello From Denver

Filled with gratitude Writing from Denver this morning. It is so amazing to me the beauty of nature. As I look out the window and see the fresh snow that has just fallen and the sun shining on it I get a strong sense of peacefulness. I stood out on the deck in the cold […]

Gratitude for Life and Community

Home With The Family I am writing you from Seattle Washington. I arrived here three days ago to find my father just out of intensive care and resting comfortably in his hospital room. The day before my mother had been unable to wake him from his sleep after a day of being sick. My father […]